Piaggio NT3 City Car revealed

     Italian scooter manufacturer Piaggio has come up with a new three seat city car concept which could be launched by late 2013. The concept of a small city car was conceived in India to battle the Tata Nano and to be launched Hyundai Ha and Maruti’s sub 600cc car codenamed YE3.
     Piaggio NT3 City Car concept has been revealed at the Milan Motorcycle Show. The cabin consists of 3 seats – front driver seat and twin rear seats same as the McLaren F1 and BMW’s concept Z13. The NT3 is based around Piaggio’s three wheel Ape – the classic three wheel commercial pick up and van which is hugely popular in India. Powering the NT3 would be a 200cc to 300cc motorcycle engine.

Press Release:
Piaggio boss Roberto Colannino told Reuters that he had “very big sales numbers in mind for India” and that sales are also planned for “Asia and Europe”. No factory location or sales launch dates were revealed, although Piaggio is planning to start production “within three years.”

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