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Car Warranty Myths Busted!

     Car warranty can be one of the most beautiful things in the world - there’s nothing like seeing an expensive repair bill and knowing you won’t have to pay a dime of it. That’s why it can be a good idea to renew your warranty when it runs out – or even to purchase an extended warranty from an independent provider. The good thing with a brand new car is that a manyfacturer’s cover is included – it can last for anywhere between one and seven years and can be tied to mileage or unlimited. Few people know that some original manufacturer’s warranties don’t cover all parts of your new car.

     Unfortunately there are three very common myths surrounding car warranties that have spread like wildfire of late, meaning that a lot of people fail to understand the importance of car warranties.

Myth 1: New cars don’t break down as often – we all like to think that we’re at the stage now where technology can be trusted to 99 – if not 100 – per cent. Unfortunately, new cars break down nearly as often as they did 10 years ago.

Myth 2: Your existing warranty covers everything – most people only have their manufacturer’s warranty, thinking that it covers anything that may go wrong. Unfortunately such is not the case, so it’s worthwhile looking in to the limitations of your warranty and extending it with an external company.

Myth 3: Car warranties are pricey – only true if you don’t know where to look! Don’t just go for the deal offered by your dealer; search around online for the best offer, and don’t forget to haggle before you sign up! Prices of online providers on a similar level of cover can fluctuate tremendously meaning that you can save hundreds each year if only you take time to compare the quotes.

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