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2013 Range Rover launched in India

Land Rover has launched the latest 2013 Range Rover in India priced at Rs. 1.72 lakh ex-showroom New Delhi. The 4th generation Range Rover made its International debut just 2 months ago and considering India as a potential market Land Rover has launched the latest Range Rover here as soon as possible.

Range Rover has been known for its offroad capability with high end luxury which no other manufacturer could match. At the price of around 2 crore you could get a sports car but nothing like an SUV, given the road conditions in India which demand a vehicle which could go anywhere and at the same time give the maximum comfort for its passengers. The top end Range Rover will cost you Rs. 1.79 crore and there is a petrol option also in the offering which commands Rs. 5 lakh more than the top end diesel variant.

The latest Range Rover sheds around 400 Kg of weight which means the beast now goes much faster than its earlier model. Apart from weight loss, the new Range Rover new emits even lesser CO2 than the earlier making it a green friendly vehicle. The performance of the new Range Rover has also been increased which means you have a SUV here which goes like a sports car and yet can take you to places where most of the cars cannot.

The Range Rover is powered by a 4.4 L V8 turbo diesel and 5.0 liter V8 supercharged petrol engines. The 4.4 L V8 turbo diesel produces peak output of 338 Bhp and 700 Nm of torque. The 5.0L V8 petrol produces massive 510 Bhp of power and 625 Nm of torque, enough for your pulse racing. The speed of both variants have been electronically restricted at 240 Kmph. Both the engines have been mated to a 8 speed automatic gearbox which makes you confused to decide weather you want to stay at the wheels or sit at the back.

After all the Land Rover is made for the ultra rich and any common man thinking to buy it have to think twice to even think about the vehicle.

2013 Range Rover Exterior Pictures 

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Why Choose Vehicle Lifts? The Benefits of Adding One to Your Repair Business

Many mechanics work on vehicles while lying on their backs on rollers or in pits under the cars. These are uncomfortable positions in which to work on a vehicle, as oil, grease and other debris drips and falls on your body at close proximity when on a roller, and a pit requires the mechanic to deal with the hassle of climbing down and back up every time they fix a car. Vehicle lifts could prove a useful solution to these problems, so consider adding one to your repair business,

Less Physical Strain on the Mechanic

Humans aren’t meant to work for long periods on their backs, and the strain of doing so proves especially hard on your mechanics who have done so for years. Rollers put mechanics in a cramped position with minimal space to maneuver their arms, making repairs both a straining and a time-consuming ordeal. In the cramped space, mechanics are more likely to hit and injure their arms and their legs, as they pull themselves out from under the car.

Your business could prove liable for health care in the event of sudden injury or injury as a result of long-term strain. Choosing a lift instead is not only healthier for your employees, but a wiser investment to keep lawyers at bay.

Ease of Access

The cramped position of a mechanic on their back on a roller makes it more difficult than it needs be to work on a vehicle’s undercarriage. Even when you opt for a pit instead, the mechanic may have more room to move their arms, but they’re in a fixed position to work on the car. They may need a lift themselves to boost themselves up to reach the car, or if they’re particularly tall, they may need to work hunched over.

A lift can be adjusted to precisely fit the height of a mechanic, so they can move their arms freely without straining. The entire undercarriage of the vehicle is exposed, making it easier for a mechanic to check one part of the car, walk a few steps and check another part, a task that ought to be simple but certainly isn’t when done on a roller or even in a pit.

Enabling Multitasking

It’s not possible to rotate or change a vehicle’s tires when you’re working on the undercarriage, unless you employ a lift. If you work on a roller and use a jack to raise the car to get access to the tires, you certainly can’t have the mechanic underneath at the same time as this is a potential hazard should the jack slip and the car slam down.

When working on the undercarriage via a pit, the car stays on the ground, and the same hazard of using a jack to lift the car at the same time applies. Plus, then the car may be too high for an employee underneath to reach regardless. With a lift, you streamline car maintenance, which saves you time and earn you more money more quickly.

Saving Space

If your garage or work space is already cluttered, you may not have the room for a full pit add-on. With a lift, you won’t have to worry about digging out a hole below your garage. The lift can be installed anywhere you have appropriate floor space,  even including the space you may already use to fix vehicles via rollers, if the ceiling is high enough.

You may also be able to install the lift outside or build a shelter to house it if weather is frequently inclement in your area. A new shelter over the lift is likely to cause fewer problems than digging a hole to house a pit, as a hole could run into wiring and plumbing that would need to be re-routed. Just make sure the lift area remains clear of debris before each use.

Multi-Car Parking

If you look into a parking lift rather than specifically a lift for working on a car, you’ll enjoy many of the same benefits, but one you will especially benefit from is saving space. If you have a larger number of vehicles to work on but you don’t have the room to keep them stored on your property, you’ll have to turn away business. If you install lifts that allow you to park two cars in a space where you would have previously just been able to park one, you can double your business.

With so many benefits to adding vehicle lifts to your automotive repair business, such as safety, generating more business and increasing the amount of available shop space, it’s easy to see why so many shop owners have decided to install these lifts to keep a competitive edge in today’s automotive repair market.

Author Bio: Jamie Summers is a contributing writer and auto mechanic. He owns his own garage outside of New York City. Before becoming a shop owner, he was all too accustomed to the frustrations of working on cars on rollers and in pits, and now he could never imagine working on cars without using a lift.
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Renault developing two low cost cars

French website La Tribune has reported that Renault is developing two low priced cars in the price range of $3000 to $5000. The car rumoured to be priced at $3000 will compete with world’s cheapest car ‘Tata Nano’ and other model with $5000 price tag which will have ARAI economy figures of 24-26 Kmpl will rival Maruti 800 Alto and Hyundai Eon.

Both these cars will be manufactured in association with Nissan and will be built in India. These cars will have no plans to go to Europe as they are developed exclusively for emerging markets.

Renault and Nissan had JV with Bajaj Auto to develop an Ultra Low Cost car. Bajaj Auto came up with RE60, which was actually a low cost 4 wheeler and not exactly a car, made Renault and Nissan to discontinue the JV and work themselves on a new low cost car platform. These low cost cars are likely to come by late 2014. 
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Ford Ecosport to be launched by Jayalalithaa, 8 new products in pipeline for India

Since Ford came to India in late 90’s things have never been so interesting in Ford India. The reason for it is the Ecosport mini SUV which will be launched in India early next year. According to the latest news, the Ecosport will be launched by Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa who has agreed for the invitation by Ford India.

Ford pins lots of hopes on the Ecosport, and why not, the muscular looking mini SUV could be a new blockbuster car in India after the Maruti Swift. In fact we feel the Ecosport looks to be a perfect mini SUV when compared to Duster and Quanto. The rear tailgate mounted spare wheel adds to the rugged SUV looks of the vehicle.

If you are thinking just about the looks of the Ecosport making an impact you might be wrong. The Ecosport under its hood will feature the latest Ecoboost 1.0L petrol engine which in spite of its smaller capacity can produce 125 Bhp of power. According to Ford, this small wonder of an engine produces high power with great fuel efficiency, both of which are inversely proportional. The Ecoboost engine manages to drive the Ecosport to over 20 Km with a liter of petrol. The Ecosport will also be available with the Fiesta’s 1.5L diesel burner which too has a good record of fuel efficiency.

Ford is working hard on pricing the Ecosport competitive and few days ago an official from Ford had mentioned about Ecosport being priced less than the Renault Duster, which means the base petrol and diesel could be priced at Rs. 6.5 and 7.5 lakh respectively.

Currently there is a change of guard at Ford India. Mr. Michael Boneham, President and MD of Ford India is being replaced by Mr. Jogindar Singh and Ford maintains that in spite of leadership change the plan to launch value for money products remains the same. Ford plans to launch 8 new products in India in next 3 years. Ford’s second plant at Sanand will commence operation from 2014. 
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Next Generation Innova 2014 – what to expect?

It was a surprise move by Toyota to see Innova succeeding the highly successful Qualis. If not Toyota, any other company would have sold Qualis and Innova together given the amount of success the Qualis got to Toyota in India. Because of this Toyota commands a high brand value as the company did not want to continue two decade old vehicle in the form of Qualis.

Come 2005, this part of the world (South East Asia) saw a world class product called Innova. The Innova was designed for South East Asian countries, which could give comfort of a sedan yet can accommodate 7 passengers. The Innova indeed looked ahead of the generation with its aerodynamic design and class leading performance. No wonder it has dominated the segment in India since its inception. But the time is not the same now, as the leader is beginning to feel the heat from its competitors. First it was the Xylo and now the Ertiga from Maruti which is giving run for its money for Innova.

Compare the Innova with its rivals, and still it stays ahead in many aspects such as performance and comfort. But the crucial aspect here in India is the fuel efficiency and “yeh dil mange more” attitude of the customers. The Innova lacks the punch in its engine, the bulky 2.5L D-4D which is a generation old need to be upgraded. Though Innova seats 7, still the interior space seems to be cramped by big Indian families. And the design, it has been a common sight on the Indian roads, thanks to its volume sold. So the Innova indeed need an upgrade and Toyota also seems to think so. Toyota has officially announced that in 2014 we will get the next generation Innova which will be better than its preceder in all aspects. So what can you expect in the 2014 Toyota Innova.
This is just an illustrated picture and not the original Innova 2014 

The next generation Innova will be slightly larger in dimensions. It will maintain the aerodynamic theme but the design will see a major revamp, perhaps in the history of Toyota. The will be an advanced diesel engine probably a 2L one with improved fuel efficiency and power. Due to change in dimensions, the comfort level will also be improved and expect the new Innova to seat 3 adults at the 3rd row of seats. Toyota will seriously think to reduce the manufacturing cost to keep the vehicle competitive; otherwise a gem of a car is surely going to perish (like that of Fortuner). Any thoughts......???

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Honda Brio Amaze interior pictures

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2012 market share of car manufacturers in India

Maruti Suzuki
Hyundai Motors
Tata Motors
Mahindra & Mahindra
Honda Siel cars
Volkswagen India
Rest of the manufacturers

Source: motorbash
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Mahindra Stallio to be relaunched a Pantero

Mahindra entered commuter motorcycle segment with Stallio but due to various reasons could not sell in good numbers and Mahindra had to forcefully withdraw the bike from the market. News is that Mahindra will relaunch the Stallio commuter bike with a new name Panthero. Well Mahindra has stuck to naming its products with the letter ending with ‘O’.

The Pantero will look similar to the Stallio, but we guess Mahindra have worked on all aspects of the bike to make it sure Pantero is not a half baked product. The original Stallio was powered by a 4 stroke 106.7 cc single cylinder air cooled engine with power output of 7.3 Bhp at 7500 rpm and torque of 0.8 Kgm at 5500 rpm. The engine was mated to a 4 speed gearbox. The Pantero is expected to be launch in January next year.

The Pantero was spied by Autocarindia readers while testing near Pune. Here are the spy pictures.

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Tata Motors shows Ace refresh at 1 million milestone celebration

Tata Motors claims that it has crossed 1 million sales of Ace pick up truck. The number includes all the Aces sold in India and world over. During the occasion Tata also showed the refresh model of Ace pickup and rumours are that production of Ace refresh has already started at Uttarakhand plant and launch will be very soon.

Tata Motors has showed the Ace refresh at the Delhi Auto Expo 2012. Tatas have improved the Ace pickup after taking customer feedbacks from its 1 million Ace customers. The Ace refresh features a new grill, petal shaped headlights, body coloured bumpers, fabric seats and wider ORVM.

The Ace refresh will be launched in HT, EX and CNG variants. It will be powered by the same 700cc IDI engine which pumps out 16 Hp of power and 38 Nm of torque. Tata is also readying a DICOR variant of the same engine will could be launched with the Ace refresh.

Tata Ace Milestones
Tata Ace, India's first mini-truck, launched
Production started in Pune
Launch of Tata Ace HT
Tata Ace in Sri Lanka
Tata Ace received the BBC-Top Gear' Design of the Year 2006 award
Roll out of 100,000th Tata Ace
Tata Ace in Nepal
Launch of Tata Magic, for passenger transportation
Dedicated plant at Pantnagar (Uttarakhand) commenced production.
Launch of Tata Ace CNG
Introduction of the Tata Super Ace and Tata Ace EX
Tata Ace became India's first 1-lakh-per-year brand in goods CVs
Tata Ace family sales crossed 5,00,000 mark
Launch of Tata Magic IRIS, mini-passenger carrier and Tata Ace Zip, a 600 kg micro truck.
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Honda Brio Amaze teaser video

In our previous post we had mentioned that the Brio sedan will be called Amaze. In fact the Brio sedan will be named as Brio Amaze in Thailand and we guess the same nomenclature will follow in India as well. The Honda Thailand website has posted a teaser video of the Brio Amaze and we thought we will bring it for you. The Brio Amaze will have a new distinctive grill and from the rear (we feel) it looks very similar to the Honda City. What do you say? Have a look at the video
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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Fiat announces next generation Grande Punto by 2014

Italian auto maker Fiat has announced that it will bring in the next generation Grande Punto in another two years. Which means the all new Fiat Grande Punto will make its debut in 2014 and hopefully come to India in the same year.

Grande Punto though being a good car has not able to turn Fiat’s fortune in India. The lack of after sales service and marketing by Fiat has costed the beautiful and well built car suffer in competition with half baked Japanese, American and Indian cars.

The next generation Grande Punto will have a much more dynamic design and come with latest technologies from Fiat. The more advance Multi-jet engine is also expected to come through the new Grande Punto. With a good design, more interior space and higher ground clearance, the next generation Grande Punto has something promising for the future in India, and of course Fiat has to work really hard on the marketing and after sales service. Fiat recently split from Tata to open their own chain of dealership franchise in the name of Fiat Cafe. 

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Its official, Honda Brio sedan to be named AMAZE

Yesterday we bought you the news that Brio sedan could be named as ‘AMAZE’. Now the Honda Thailand website has confirmed that the name of the Honda’s new sedan will be ‘AMAZE’ indeed. The good news is Honda Amaze will be launched in Thailand on 23rd November and will make it to India by March next year.

Honda Amaze will be launched only in petrol model in Thailand where as in India we will get both petrol and diesel models. Honda has announced that it will keep pricing of ‘AMAZE’ competitive by increasing the local sourcing and production.

As the Honda Amaze is built on Brio platform, it offers smaller exterior dimensions with higher interior space. Honda has stuck to its philosophy of Man Maximum Machine Minimum which is evident from the design. The ‘AMAZE’ diesel will be indeed an amazing car when launched in India and we at are furious to see one. 
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Honda Brio sedan could be named ‘AMAZE’

Honda AMAZE, is indeed an amazing name to one of the going to be amazing cars in India. This is because Honda will bring in its first diesel in India through Amaze/Brio sedan. Off late lot of interesting news of the Brio sedan is coming up and the name ‘AMAZE’ is the latest one.

GTO of team-bhp has mentioned that a friend of his has dropped some information about the Honda Brio sedan. According to him the Brio sedan will have a 5 alphabet letter which could be ‘AMAZE’. He has also mentioned that the new diesel engine will be a light aluminium one with 24 Kmpl of fuel efficiency.

AutocarIndia has posted a nice rendering of the Brio sedan but the teaser picture on the Honda Thailand has a different thing to say. The changes in the rear door and C pillar are evident and the new Brio sedan will not just be a Brio with the boot. The Brio sedan/AMAZE was thought to be powered by a 3 cylinder 1.2L diesel engine developed by eliminating one cylinder from Honda’s recently revealed 1.6L i-Dtech eninge. But sources say the Brio sedan/AMAZE will have a 1.5L 4 cylinder diesel which again has been downsized from the 1.6 L iDtec to get benefits of tax sops in India.
More details about 1.5L 4 cylinder i-Dtec engine

The engine is believed to have two different power outputs, so that Honda could use the same engine in its range of cars. The lower power one which could deliver 75 Ps power could be used for Brio and Brio sedan/AMAZE while the higher is likely to use a Variable Geometry Turbo (VGT) to deliver 100 Ps power, could do the job for the City and Brio based MPV.
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Suzuki to exit US market, files for bankruptcy

The Suzuki brand may be big in India but on the other side of the world it is facing big problems. Suzuki operates in the name of American Suzuki Motor Corporation in USA which has filed for bankruptcy. The ASMC is facing low volume sales from past 2-3 years and its latest models SX4, Kizashi and Grand Vitara has not managed to pull the company from losses.

Suzuki mentioned that it was difficult to make decision to stop selling its car in US but it was inevitable under current situations. However Suzuki will continue to sell motorcycles, all terrain vehicles and marine outboard in the US market. The bankruptcy doesn’t involve the parent Suzuki Motor Corporation of Japan. ASMC debt ranges from $100 to $500 million.

A Suzuki statement -
These challenges include low sales volumes, a limited number of models in its line-up, unfavourable foreign exchange rates, the high costs associated with growing and maintaining an automotive distribution system in the continental U.S. and the disproportionally high and increasing costs associated with stringent state and federal regulatory requirements unique to the U.S. market.”
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Maruti Ritz with Automatic Transmission

Along with the facelifted Ritz, Maruti Suzuki has silently added an Automatic Transmission variant in petrol VXi model. The Ritz Vxi AT comes with ABS and EBD as optional safety features and delivers 17.16 Km per litre of petrol (As per ARAI). The Ritz Vxi AT uses a 4 speed automatic gearbox which ensures you smooth ride in the hectic city traffic.

The price of the Ritz Vxi AT has not yet been announced. We expect it to be priced little higher than the regular Vxi model. The automatic variant of Ritz gives the customers an option of easy driving with good comfort in a small car. So after the Ritz, will it be the Swift. May be, but an automatic diesel variant is what the people are waiting for. We hope Maruti and other manufacturers are listening...

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Das WeltAuto, the Volkswagen’s used car business in India

Volkswagen today entered used car business in India through its subsidiary Das WeltAuto with its first dealership opened in Mumbai. Currently VW has commenced operations with 15 dealerships across country which will be increased to 21 by the end of next year.
Das WeltAuto deals not only deals with VW cars but also cars from all manufactures will be traded. VW with its stringent 160 point checklist ensures the car provides a hassle free ownership experience. It offers 1 year warranty on all VW cars and 6 months warranty on non VW cars.

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Volkswagen to reposition Skoda brand in India

Good news for Skoda lovers. Volkswagen has decided to reposition Skoda brand; that is Skoda will be positioned below the Volkswagen. This can happen only if Skoda car prices are reduced which is good news. Volkswagen owns Skoda and Audi and all over the world the parent VW sits between Skoda and Audi in terms of brand value. Here in India Skoda and Volkswagen have similar brand value which is seriously hampering Volkswagen’s brand image.

Skoda with its first vehicle in India ‘Octavia’ has built a reputation of a luxury car maker. The launch of Superb and Fabia which are best in terms of luxury in their respective class has put Skoda brand at the top of the chart. The Larua took off from where Octavia left. Having a good brand value is an asset to the company. But here the parent company Volkswagen thinks otherwise because Skoda is seriously denting Volkswagen’s image in India.

Volkswagen known to make quality cars is struggling to build the brand. Rivals such as Hyundai and Ford are delivering products which are better value for money cars. Volkswagen cars are no doubt the best in their class but somehow are not able to sell in numbers the company expect.  With reducing Skoda car prices Volkswagen can position itself clearly where it deserves to be, but in India it will take some time, may be another 2 to 3 years. 
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India car market sales data for October 2012

Aveo U-VA
Optra Magnum
Grande Punto
Fiesta Classic
Lancer & Cedia
Pajero Sport

Fluidic Verna
Fluidic Elantra

Santa Fe
Wagon R
Grand Vitata
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