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It All Adds Up: Which 7 Factors Make a Truck Accident More Likely?

So many of us are used to being behind the wheel of a vehicle, especially those who drive trucks for a living.
With such confidence in driving, as the years pass, it gets easier and easier to overlook certain risk factors you would have been far more cautious than when you started out.

While there is an infinite number of causes to truck crashes, today we’re going to explore factors that can make an incident far more likely. The more aware of these you are, the less likely you will be to be involved in a truck crash.

#1 - Fatigue

When you’re a truck driver, you can spend hours on the road at a time, remaining sat in the same position, and it’s easy to get too comfortable. When tiredness hits, make sure you’re pulling over and getting some rest in a designated area. Your life could depend on it.

#2 - A Poorly Loaded Truck

Perhaps one of the most overlooked factors that could contribute to an accident is the load you’re carrying being poorly stacked. This isn’t your fault, but it can cause serious problems when it comes to weight distribution that can seriously affect your truck’s handling.

#3 - Drugs or Alcohol

Of course, as a truck driver, you would be stupid to drink and drive or to drive under the influence of narcotics. Your safety, other people’s safety, and your job depend on it. However, the substance doesn’t have to be illegal. Some medication can have fatigue-enhancing effects, so be aware.

#4 - Unlicensed/Unqualified Drivers

While you may be over the moon at securing a job in a truck driving vacancy, if you’re not qualified to drive the truck you’re licensed for, you may not be used to the handling, and this is incredibly unsafe.

You should always stick to drive what you’ve been trained to drive. Even if the company is asking you to do them a favor, is it really worth the risk?

#5 - Mechanical Issues

A truck driver is never normally responsible for the nitty-gritty maintenance tasks of a truck, but one small oversight in the garage can cause a lot of problems out on the road. It doesn’t matter whether you drive the same truck regularly, always be aware of what sounds and feelings the truck are giving you, and don’t be afraid to say something when it’s wrong.

#6 - Poor Road Design

Not all truck accidents will come down to the driver or even the truck itself. In some parts of the world, a poorly maintained road can be more than enough to cause problems for a truck; especially when the truck is carrying weight.

Drivers should always try to be as focused as possiblewhile driving and be on the lookout for possible dangers.

#7 - Speeding

One of the most common causes of accident for all vehicles, as a truck driver, it’s imperative you don’t speed. Each country will have its own laws and regulations for speeding depending on the weight of your truck, so be aware of what they are before hitting the roads.


While it’s impossible to predict when an accident may take place, it’s important for all truck drivers to be aware of their responsibilities while out on the road. Be mindful of what you and the truck are doing at all times, and you can surely minimize the risk of being involved in an accident.

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