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Skoda to launch its mini SUV Kushaq in India on June 28th

 Skoda Auto India will launch its maiden mini SUV christened Kushaq on the 28th of June 2021. The price announcement of the SUV will also be done on the same day.

Skoda Kushaq will be offered in two petrol engines, both being turbo. The 1.0 L TSI petrol produces 115 BHP of power whereas the bigger 1.5 L TSI petrol produces 150 BHP of power. Both these engines will be offered with manual as well as automatic transmission.

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Budget-Friendly Cosmetic Upgrades: 4 Tips for Applying a Decal Kit to Your Bike

 According to the latest reports from the automotive sector, more than eight million people now own motorcycles. That's twice the number of bike owners from just a decade ago. At the same time, reports are showing a surge in dirt bike and dual-sport sales over the last few years. Ownership in both sectors is expected to further increase during the years to come. While some people are completely happy with the bikes they purchase, many prefer to customize their motorcycles to reflect their own preferences and personalities.

A Simple, Effective Customization Option

Several motorcycle customizations are available these days. You can have everything from new handlebars and footpegs to tailor-made seats and storage compartments added to a bike. Of course, decal kits are among the simplest and most affordable ways to customize a motorcycle. You can get more details about decal kits and how to use them from numerous sources, but we'll provide a few helpful tips right now.

1) Find the Right Decals for Your Bike

Countless decal kits are on the market. They range from manufacturer-specific logos and messages to intricately detailed designs and clever sayings. You can even design your own decals based on your favorite photos or tattoos. Don't simply purchase the first set of decals that catches your eye. Take your time while browsing through all the available options. Narrow down the selection to the ones that appeal to you most. This will help ensure you get the perfect decals to reflect your style and personality while accentuating your bike's best features.

2) Take the Decals for a Test Drive

Once you purchase a decal kit for your bike, consider trying it on for size before applying it permanently. Use clear tape to affix the decal to the bike in various places and positions. Once you find just the right locations angles for the decals, mark them with a grease pen or other washable marker. Then, you can proceed to apply them permanently per the manufacturer's instructions.

3) Clean the Bike before Applying the Decals

It's no secret that grease, dirt, and road grime can prevent decals from adhering properly. They can also cause the decals to appear rough and wrinkled. Be sure to clean the bike thoroughly before affixing your decals. By putting this small amount of extra time and effort into the process, you'll be ensuring the decals adhere better, look more attractive, and last much longer.

4) Always Follow the Instructions

Not all decals adhere to bikes in the same way. Some work like traditional stickers whereas others need to be applied much like window tint. Those in the latter category require extra work and patience. Be sure to read the decal manufacturer's instructions thoroughly before getting started, and follow those directions to the letter. In turn, the decals will look better after they're applied and last far longer than they would if you didn't follow the directions.

Making the Most of Your Motorcycle Decal Kit

By following these tips, you'll be more likely to find the perfect decals right from the start rather than suffering from buyer's remorse after the fact. You'll also greatly improve the appearance of your bike and decals while ensuring the graphics last as long as possible. All it takes to make the most of your decals is putting a little extra time, effort, and patience into the process.

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