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Tata Nano diesel with clear image, launch could be around the corner

Tata Nano diesel features a smiling front bumper and a functional boot which can be opened.

Tata Nano diesel is not a hot news. The Nano diesel has been spied many times during its test runs. Since the clear picture of the Nano diesel has surfaced, Bosch engineers would have achieved the target of 32 Kmpl from the 700 cc Dicor engine powering the Nano diesel.

The front with new bumper with smiling air dam reminds us of the Tata’s philosophy of smiling grill (first seen on the Indica). Indeed with its awesome mileage, the Nano diesel will bring more smiles to the car, only and only if Tata gets the Nano right this time with more fun to drive features. The Nano diesel will get a boot openable, unlike the petrol sibling. The rear windshield and bumper has also been redesigned to give a unique look to the car.

Since we have  spotted the Nano diesel undisguised, the launch is around the corner. Price? May be around Rs. 3 lakh Ex-showroom for the base model. 

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Maruti Wagon R Stingray India launch soon

Maruti Wagon R Stingray to be positioned about the current Wagon R and slated to be launched soon.

Maruti will launch the sportier version of Wagon R named Stingray in India soon. The Wagon R Stingray was spied during a photo shoot which suggest the car launch is around the corner. The Wagon R Stingray will be positioned above the current Wagon R and sold along with it.

This is a desperate effort to bring back the attention of buyers to the brand. In spite of having a good brand value, the sales of Wagon R has suffered, thanks to the competitors who are offering a diesel variant almost at the same price. Wagon R has been one of the successful model from Maruti, which has helped the company in maintain its market share.

The Wagon R Stingray features a sleek and clear lens headlamp. The grill is sleek and sportier as well giving a new look to the car. The front bumper also has been re-designed to give a sportier look to the car. In the rear, the tail lamps get clear lens treatment and the re-designed bumper now houses the number plate. The side profile looks to be similar to the current wagon R. The Wagon R Stingray is expected to come with upgraded interiors with different colours for upholstery. Expect to have minor tweaks in the interiors as well.

The Wagon R Stingray will be powered by the same 1 liter K10 series petrol engine with 67 Bhp of power. It is likely to be priced with a premium of Rs. 50,000 over the current model. 

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Next Generation Honda Jazz/Fit 2014 revealed

Honda says, Jazz 2014 has been benchmarked against Volkswagen Polo and performs as good as it. 


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Honda releases new MPV sketch, to debut this September

The new Honda MPV aims to fill Honda’s portfolio of cars in every segment.

It’s not new to hear about an MPV from Honda. Honda, manufacturer of cars known for its performance, had recently showed interest in the MPV segment and intended to have an MPV in developing markets. Honda today released a sketch of the new MPV which will make its debut at 21st Indonesia International Motor Show, held between September 19-29 at Jakarta.

As seen from the sketch, the new MPV shares the Brio platform which has been stretched to make it an MPV. The front end looks similar to Brio with minor changes in the bumper and grill. The side profile reminds us of the Honda Oddessy with ‘Z’ shaped bottom window line, though we feel the new MPV looks better than the bulky Oddessy. The rear end bears a similar Honda design with big creases giving a muscular and futuristic look. The wrap around tail lights with some scoops are the hall mark of today’s Honda. Overall, the new MPV looks good and will fit exactly in Honda’s vehicle portfolio.

According to Honda, the new MPV has been built keeping in mind the customer’s requirement and road conditions in Indonesia which is not different from India. After its debut in Indonesia, the new MPV (Brio MPV) will soon make its way for India as well. In Indonesia the new Honda MPV will be powered by renowned Honda 1.5L i-VTec gasoline engine and we guess a diesel variant with new 1.5L Earth Dreams diesel will be added in India, to fit in the segment dominated by diesels.

The new MPV has been designed to accommodate 7 seats with 3 rows configuration just like that of the Ertiga. The new Honda MPV features an innovative design, spacious cabin and advanced safety features which again is the hallmark of Honda. Price when launched in India? Could be around Rs. 10 lakh. 

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The Concept Car

Before a new model of car hits the road, the trade papers and the forecourt, it goes through a multitude of development stages. Everyone, from engineers to scientists, test drivers and accountants, gets to have their say, put forward their own particular viewpoint and, let’s be honest, do their best to make the car in question as ordinary as possible. This may sound like a strange statement, considering the millions spent on advertising and marketing in an attempt to convince us that this car or the next is a reinvention of the wheel and a redefinition of the driving experience, but the truth is that most cars, outside of the high end luxury market, are built with mass appeal in mind, which tends to result in eccentricities being ironed out. All too often, the day to day experience of driving is about the mundane – waiting out a red light, bemoaning the price of fuel and getting pranged and sorting out a compensation claim. In the unfortunate circumstance that you find yourself needing to claim due to injury, then a page online I came across, ( can point you in the right direction. It also has a compensation calculator tool, describing parts of the body and how much on average is expected to receive if injured.

In the life of every car you’ve ever driven or rode in, however, there was a moment, a brief shining moment, in which it was a stunning testament to innovation, style and adventure. That moment, of course, was when the designer sat down with a pencil in hand and a blank piece of paper in front of them, and drew whatever their heart desired, before the pragmatists and realists got their hands on things. After all, ask yourself, when was the last time that a car you saw on the road actually took your breath away or made your heart beat faster? A Ford Focus? A Nissan Micra? A VW Golf? Didn’t think so. There is still a vehicle, however, which allows for these wilder vehicular dreams to be expressed and realised. Lots of vehicles, in fact, and they’re called Concept Cars.

Concept cars are the director’s cut of the motoring world, the twelve inch remix, the deluxe edition. They’re what happens when the designers and manufacturers get to show off what they can really do, safe in the knowledge that the ideas they come up with will never have to be mass produced or driven through a traffic jam during Monday morning rush hour. Concept cars may seem like a fanciful indulgence, and in some ways they are – after all, cars are supposed to be fun on some level - but they also perform a valuable role. They allow car manufacturers to play around with concepts and ideas which may seem wildly fanciful at the time but which end up, much further down the line, being reflected in the cars which anyone can buy. The fact that concept cars never need make it to production results in ideas which push the envelope a little further than would otherwise be the case, and these innovative ideas often then filter down to the mass market. 

The first concept car is generally regarded as the Buick Y-Job, which was designed for General Motors by Harley Earl. It featured innovations such as wraparound bumpers, electric windows and flush door handles which, whilst extreme at the time, have gone on to be standard design features.

Other notable concept cars included the following:

The Lancia Megagamma – designed by Italdesign in 1978 and seen as the forerunner of the modern MPV.

Porsche 989 - The first four door Porsche and a forerunner of the Porsche Panamera.

Chevrolet Corvette Mako Shark Designed to reflect the creature after which it was named, the Mako Shark went on to have a huge influence on the design of the Corvette production model between 1968 and 1982.

Chevrolet Volt – launched in 2007 as an electric concept car, the Volt was launched as a production model in September 2008 and has since gone on to win many green awards.

Phantom Corsair – launched in 1938 and viewed as a failure at the time, the Phantom Corsair can, in retrospect, be seen as being ahead of its time. Its aerodynamic design meant that it was only 57 inches high, had completely skirted wheels and flush fenders. Other innovations included doors which opened with electronic buttons rather than handles, and a dashboard which indicated if the radio or lights were left on, or the doors left ajar.

BMW GINA – at first glance this may seem like a more extreme concept car than most. The body of the car was made of a type of fabric stretched over an aluminium frame, which meant that the shape of the vehicle would alter to match the driving conditions, or even on the whim of the driver. As far-fetched as this might seem, however, the basic platform was then utilised for the BMW i3 and BMW i8 Electric Vehicles.
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Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Anniversary Edition launched in India

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Anniversary Edition comes with additional features.

Mitsubishi has launched first anniversary edition of its popular SUV Pajero Sport in India. The Pajero Sport anniversary edition is priced at Rs. 23.56 lakh (Ex-showroom, New Delhi).

The Pajero Sport Anniversary Edition comes with additional features such as touch screen multimedia system with GPS and reverse camera. In the exterior there is body colour bumpers and mud guards and a special anniversary decal. There are no changes under the hood.

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Price in Bangalore - Rs. 23,44,595

*Price Ex-showroom Bangalore.

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Dimensional Views

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New 360 degree exterior and interior video of Datsun GO

Barely a day after its international debut in New Delhi, a new video has surface showing Datsun GO in all angles. Also shown are the interiors and boot space which looks massive, almost equal to that of Ford Figo. The rear bench seat (without 60:40 splitting) is seen folding forward to give much more cargo space. 

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Ashok Leyland Stile MPV unveiled

After unveiling of Datsun GO hatchback yesterday, Carlos Gohsn CEO of Renault-Nissan along with Mr. G P Hinduja, Chairman of Hinduja Group unveiled Nissan Evalia based Ashok Leyland Stile. Ashok Leyland Stile is basically the Evialia with a rebadging.

Ashok Leyland stile bears a new front end which looks basic as compared to Evalia. Apart from the front end there is no visible changes in the exterior. The reflector on the tail gate too has been carried over from Evalia. Interiors too are similar except for Ashok Leyland badge on the steering wheel.

Ashok Leyland Stile is aimed at commercial/fleet operators. It will compete with MPVs like Chevrolet Tavera, Mahindra Xylo, Toyota Innova and indeed with the Nissan Evalia. The Stile is powered by same Renault’s K9K diesel engine which has been detuned for lower power delivery of 75 Bhp. The company calls it a ‘Diet’ as it the main focus was on fuel efficiency. The engine propels the front wheels through a 5 speed manual transmission.

Couple of test mules have been spied on Bangalore-Chennai highway recently. Expect Ashok Leyland Stile to launched soon and priced very competitively as it is mainly aimed at commercial operations. 

V Sumantran, Vice Chairman, Ashok Leyland and Chairman, Nissan Ashok Leyland Powertrain Ltd said Right from the outset, we were determined not to remain a one product/platform or niche player in the LCV space. Following the successful run of the DOST, we are now delighted to present our brand-new vehicle on an award-winning platform that reflects our continued focus on offering Japanese Technology and Quality at Indian Cost. With the STILE also in our portfolio, we are now better positioned to cater to a wider range of needs, and at the same time, address the growing expectations of the Indian consumer.”

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Video: Datsun GO in motion

Here is an official video of Datsun GO which gives you a clear idea of how the car will look in motion. 

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Datsun GO unveiled in India

Datsun returns back with hatchback 'GO'

Datsun today unveiled its first car for the 21st century, named GO in New Delhi. Datsun GO, a 5 door hatchback  marks the return of Datsun brand after 32 years. The name Datsun GO is inspired from Datsun’s first car DAT GO, launched way back in 1914 in Japan. 

The All new Datsun GO was unvield by none other than President and CEO of Nissan Motor, Mr. Carlos Gohsn. He said - “This is a historic day for Nissan Motor Company and for our customers and partners in some of the world’s fastest-growing markets. It’s also an exciting moment for many women and men here in India who – today – come one step closer to realizing the dream of purchasing a car,”.

Datsun GO will be on sale from early next year. According to Industry experts, GO is likely to be priced around Rs. 4 lakh, where as Rs. 3.5 lakh price target cannot be ruled out because of the competition for which the brand Datsun has been revived. The car shares the same platform of Nissan Micra with 2450 mm of wheelbase, but the overall length of GO is more than Micra which means there is lot more space in the offereing. The interiors have been designed to please the Indian customers with practicality being more importance. However some bits like Aircon vents and door handles have been borrowed from the Nissan Micra.

The interesting fact, which we have mentioned in our earlier post is, the gear lever and hand brake has been moved to the dashboard. Datsun says the space between the front seats are to keep some utilities like ladies hand bags, but we feel a child can be squeed in to making it a 3 seater front row. The cabin space is big enough to accommodate 5 adult is good comfort. The rear bench is wider and so do the leg room which is good for tall occupants.

Datsun is Nissan 3rd brand after Nissan itself and Infinity. The Datsun brand is expected to drive Nissan’s Power 88 mid-term business plan. Nissan aims to gather 10% of Indian passenger market by 2016-17. The man behind all these Mr. Carlos Gohsn is indeed serious on India. He has been trying every possible trick to make India a hub for Renault and Nissan cars. We wish him all the best for his plans.

View Datsun GO Photos

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More details about Datsun’s small car emerge

Datsun K2 small car to have innovative features which makes it different from its rivals.

Datsun is the word currently going around in the automobile world and why not, the iconic brand is making a strong comeback after 27 years. ‘DAT’ meaning “lightning fast” in Japanese, is what happening the brand itself. Right from concept to design to prototype to production engineering, everything has been done very fast. The man behind the Datsun come back Mr. Carlos Gohsh is emphatic about the Datsun’s re-birth. No wonder Mr. Gohsn has been given an extension of 2 years as Chairman of Nissan Renault alliance by its board members.

In its website, it is mentioned DAT means - Dream, Access and Trust, the philosophy on which Datsun wants to capitalize on. The website also mentions about a car built for the new generations and couple of questions why now? and why Datsun? Wait till 15th of July and watch the live telecast of the car launch on Datsun’s official website.

The prototype of the small car has been showed to a band of Indian automobile journalists. According to them, the Datsun small car is big, beautiful and practicle compared to its competitors Maruti A Star, Wagon R and Hyundai i10. An interesting fact has come to light that Datsun’s small car will have bench seats in the front accommodating 3 passengers in comfort. As a result the gear shift lever and hand brakes have been pushed to the dashboard, all these features seen for the first time in India in a small car.

Datsun currently has two products in its pipeline for India and emerging markets like South Africa, Indonesia and Russia. Apart from the small car K2 (the codename of the first car), Datsun intends to bring in Nissan Dayz, a mini MPV to India sometime later. Datsun cars will roll out from Renault-Nissan’s factory at Chennai.

With so much of hype about Datsun, can we expect an automobile revolution as that of the Tata Nano? We feel yes, because Mr. Gohsn is very serious about Indian market and is the only person looking to rival the market leader Maruti Suzuki…

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From Cars to What not: Head Online to find it!

Most of the persons prefer posting classified ads online to sell some durables at home, or other items, which you may want to get rid of or to upgrade to a newer version available. There are a lot of websites offering services for posting your advertisements online to make your advert reach out to the maximum number of people as fast as possible. These types of websites provide an easy to manage and a user-friendly interface to help you easily manage your advertisement in order to get quality buyers without much hassle. There are many benefits of posting an advertisement online, which are mentioned below in this article.

  • The main benefit of posting online classified adverts is that they are cost-effective. Though, there are many websites offering free service of posting free classified advertisements, yet some websites offer this service at nominal charges. The reason for making this service chargeable is to allow only genuine and quality ads to be posted and to get quality buyers easily available.
  • Various websites offer features like addition of images and/or videos along with the advertisement posted. There are various buyers looking for car classifieds or for other types of products or services, who are looking for a demo of the listed product/service before making an actual purchase. Thus, the addition of a digital media helps attract more number of buyers from across the globe.
  • The service providers continue work on their website and the adverts posted in it to get them optimized for a better traffic. While, most of the buyers looking forward to purchase a product online begin their search from Google or other search engines, thus, maintaining a better search engine ranking can help your advertisement reach a number of buyers.
  • By making an online post for your classified advert, you can expect a faster response from buyers as the advertisements are displayed online immediately. In addition, most of the buyers prefer fresh ads posted to buy some product as the older ones are mostly closed, so, immediate posting can get you immediate response from buyers. Thus, you can get your items sold immediately once you go for an online advertisement.
  • Since, you are able to get multiple buyers in a short time; you have the option of making the best deal out of all. For instance, imagine you are selling your car and you have quoted a certain price for the same in an online advertisement. You get a first buyer, who negotiates on the price you quoted and asks for a lower price on the deal and you put him on hold. At the same time, you get another buyer, who agrees to pay the full amount you quoted, thus you have the option of choosing either of the two.

Thus, this makes it clear that posting classified ads online has various benefits including a better and faster response. So, if you are looking for a quick and a faster response to sell any of your product or service to potential buyers, you can achieve this without much hassle by posting on any classifieds website.
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Honda to launch 125cc Activa by September

Honda launched its first two wheeler ‘Activa’ in India in the year 2000. Ever since its launch, ‘Activa’ has been a huge success and has become an household name in India. In fact Activa changed the entire dynamics of two wheelers in India, with all ages of people liking the vehicle for its gearless and easy manuarability.

The first generation Activa when launched was powered by a 100cc engine. The second generation vehicle got a bigger 110cc engine giving better pick up and performance. But still Activa was short in terms of engine capacity and power as the rivals had bigger engines and better performance, yet at a price competitive to Activa.

Honda now has decided to give a bigger heart to its success icon. The new Activa with 125cc engine will be launched by September this year. The Activa with a bigger engine promises class leading power and performance in its segment. The new Activa 125cc will have a better riding position for a comfortable ride.

We have minimal information about Chassis, Suspension and Fuel efficiency of the new Activa 125. Stay tuned for more updates on the new Activa 125cc...
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Maruti launches Swift RS Limited Edition in India

Maruti Swift RS Edition commemorates 1 million sales mark in India.

India’s leading car manufacturer Maruti Suzuki has launched a special edition of it most popular car Swift. The special edition called Swift RS has been launched to celebrate 1 Million sales mark which will be achieved in few months. Currently Maruti has sold over 9.6 lakh units of Swift in India.
The Swift RS edition gets host of changes in the exterior and interiors. The exterior changes include – front and rear bumper kits, roof spoiler, prominent blue body graphics, black wheel covers, blue shaded rear view mirrors. In the interiors you find illuminated Swift logo in for door sills, black and blue themed upholstery, slightly upgraded music system with CD player, Aux-in and USB interfaces. The Swift RS special edition is available in VXi and VDi variants. However, the additional goodies on the Swift RS does not come free, it costs you Rs. 25,000 more than the regular model.

“The Swift RS is in continuation of Maruti Suzuki’s celebrations planned around the Swift model as it moves towards the “1 million” cumulative sales mark. The Swift not only pioneered the premium compact segment in the country, it continues to remain the top selling car in the segment. The Swift has cumulatively sold over 9.6 lakh units since its launch in May 2005. We are confident that the limited edition Swift RS will be ideal for customers who look to further enhance the sporty character and style of the Swift. All this comes with a much higher value worth than the price the customer pays for the Swift RS package.” said Manohar Bhat, vice president, marketing, Maruti Suzuki India.

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Datsun website goes live, car launch on 15th July in India

Datsun’s small car K2 to rival Hyundai i10 in India

After 32 years, the discontinued Japanese marque “Datsun” is back again and how? Its making second debut in India with a small car codenamed K2. The official website of Datsun has gone live since 1st July and shows the sketch of the upcoming small car for India. The official date of the launch has also been mentioned, that is on 15th July 2013.

Datsun was a famous automotive brand in Japan which was discontinued/merged with Nissan in 1986. Datsun was famous for its models 510, Fairlady roadster and Fairlady coupe. Last year on March 20th, Carlos Goshn, MD of Nissan Motors Ltd. announced the revival of the brand  “Datsun” for use in India, South Africa, Russia and Indonesia.
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Datsun GO Specifications

Datsun Go – Variants, Dimensions, Capacities, Engine, Transmission, Steering, Performance, Wheels & Tyres, Fuel Economy.

₹ 3,17,821 to ₹ 3,76,577 Ex-showroom, Bangalore as of 17-04-2014.
D, D1, A, T

Datsun Go Technical Specifications

Fuel Type
3785 mm
1635 mm
1485 mm
Wheel Base 
2450 mm
Ground Clearance
Front Track
Rear Track
Kerb Weight 
Gross Weight
No. Of Doors 
5 Door Hatchback
Seating Capacity 
5 Persons
Fuel Tank Capacity
Boot Capacity
DOHC with Dual VTVT
1198 cc
67 bhp @ 5000 RPM
104 Nm @ 4000 RPM
Bore X Stroke
Comp. Ratio
No. Of Cyl.
Cylinder Config.
Inline, Transverse
Valves Per Cyl.
5 Forward + 1 Reverse
Front Wheel Drive
Min Turning Radius
Wheels And Tyres
Wheel Size & Type
Tyres Size & Type
Max Speed
0-100 Kmph
Fuel Economy (Approx)
20.63 Kmpl (ARAI)

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Datsun GO Photos

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