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Men more stressed than women in traffic jams

     Stuck up in a traffic jam with your wife beside you? Get off the wheel and let your wife drive the car. A research study conducted by satellite navigation company Tom Tom, Men stress level raises seven times that of the women’s when stuck up in a traffic jam.

     British psychologists reached to this conclusion after testing the saliva of volunteers for rise in stress chemicals when caught up in a traffic jam.During the study, the stress levels raised by 8.7% in women as compared to 60% in men during traffic jams.

     Psychologists explain the phenomenon of men beign more stressed during traffic jams is because of their normal resonse to a difficult situation – either fight or flight. That is men normally either confront it or walk away from the situation. Since they cannot do anything about the traffic jams, they sit and get nervous. On the other hand, women cope up to these kind of situation better – either by singing a tune on the radio or calling up friends to relieve pressure.
Source: Carscoop
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Tata Nano launched in Sri Lanka

     Tata Motors has launched its ‘World’s cheapest car’ Nano in Sri Lanka. The Nano is priced at LKR 9.25 lakh which is about Rs. 3.80 lakh in Indian currency. This means the car is three times more than the price in India. Diesel and Motor Engineering (Dimo) is the official importer of Nano cars in Sri Lanka.

     Tata Motors is looking to sell Nano in overseas markets and hopes to be a major player in the international markets.

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Ferrari enters India, launches its entire range of cars

     Italian sports car manufacturer Ferrari has officially entered into Indian market. The company launched its first dealership in New Delhi. The Shreyans Group is the official importer of Ferrari cars in India.

     Ferrari offers its entire range of cars for Indian consumers which include California, 458 Italia, 599GTB Fiorano and the flagship FF. California is priced at Rs. 2.2 crore, 458 Italia at Rs. 2.47 crore, 599GTB Fiorano at Rs 3.57crore and flagship FF at Rs 3.41crore.

     Bookings for the Ferrari cars have begun today and deliveries might take 3-12 months depending up on the model.

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Tata Magic Iris ePuppet video

     Tata Motors has come with up with a 47 seconds video which shows the Iris as a cartoon character. This would be a revolutionary development in vehicle promotions.

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HM to launch a pick up truck based on Ambassador

     Tata Motors launched Tata Mobile 207 in early 90s as a pick up truck in India. Few years later Force Motors which was then called Bajaj had launched a pick up truck on the Tempo Trax platform. Offlate Mahindra has launched pick up vehicles of all its models including the Scorpio (Getaway).

     Hindustan Motors does not want to be left behind and has come up with a pick up truck based on the Ambassador. The rear half of the cabin has been removed to for a huge loading area. However the front end of the vehicle remains the same.

      The vehicle was spotted by a Team-Bhpian at Pune. Probably the vehicle would have come to ARAI at Pune for fuel efficiency homologation. With huge loading area and a good engine under the bonnet, it is likely to give stiff competition to Mahindra’s Genio. The HM pick up is also likely to come with a CNG variant. 

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Mahindra launches Scorpio EX variant

     Mahindra has launched an entry level variant of its popular SUV Scorpio with an EX tag. The Scorpio EX is powered by a 75 Bhp m2DiCR engine which delivers 14 kmpl and is priced at Rs. 7.21 lakh (ex-showroom, Pune for BSIV).

     The new 2.5L m2DiCR engine produces 75 Bhp of power and 220 Nm of torque and is fuel efficient. The fuel effecieny is due to value engineering such as the Micro Hybrid Technology which shuts of the engine to stand by mode when not required there by consuming less fuel and being environmental friendly.

     The additional features in the Scorpio EX variant are crash protection crumple zones and digital immobilizer. The vehicle does 0-60 Kmph in 11.2 seconds. It is available in four attractive colours - Rocky Beige, Diamond White, Fiery Black and Mist Silver.

Mr. Vivek Nayer, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Automotive Division, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.-

“At Mahindra, our endeavour has always been to offer the best-in-class products and this new offering from the Scorpio stable is no exception. With its easy drivability, great mileage and refined performance, I am sure that the Scorpio Ex will be an instant hit with young customers looking for an affordable entry point into the Scorpio franchise. An unmitigated success in the SUV segment since its launch, the Scorpio has kept up its momentum with constant up-gradations and new offerings.”

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Renault Car Dealers in Bangalore

RENAULT Palace Orchards
New No. 210/2, Upper Palace Orchards,
Bellary Road, Sadashivanagar
P.O. Box 560 080
Tel: 087222 30333

RENAULT Whitefield
No. 90, Chelekere Village, Agara Panchayath,
K R Puram Hobli, Kalyan Nagar
P.O. Box 560 043
Tel: 087222 30333

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Renault Fluence launched in India

     French car maker Renault has launched it Fluence sedan in India. Fluence is available in both petrol and diesel options. The petrol car, powered by 2.0L petrol engine is priced at Rs. 14.40 lakh, and the diesel powered by the same Logan’s 1.5 TDCi diesel is priced at Rs. 12.99 lakh (All prices ex-showroom, New Delhi). Fluence will compete with Volkswagen Jetta and Skoda Laura in Indian market.

     The 2.0L petrol motor develops 137 Bhp while the diesel will churn out 105 Bhp of power. The company claims the diesel power Fluence will have fuel efficiency of 21.84 Kmpl.

     The suspension has been tuned for comfort and the ride is expected to be outstanding. The fully loaded Fluence will sports features such as Keyless Start, Bluetooth Connectivity, Dual Zone Climate Control, ESP and Four Airbags.

Marc Nassif, Renault India managing director -  

“The Renault Fluence was designed for the Asian market and hence we are confident that it will not only shake up the segment, but also give the Indian customer their first taste of what Renault is capable of bringing to the Indian market,” 

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Ford India Total Maintenance Plan

     The impressive Ford India’s Total Maintenance Plan will surely give you the peace of mind. You will get fixed repair prices for 3 years for your Ford car. Ford cars can be serviced according to the plan all over India at Ford dealerships. Repairs are carried out with Ford genuine spare parts. The resale value of your car improves as it is maintained by Ford dealership.

What is covered in Ford Total Maintenance Plan

Periodic Maintenance Sevices as per owner’s manual
Repairs arising out of electrical or mechanical failures
Wear and Tear Parts
Labour for all of the above jobs

What is not covered in Ford Total Maintenance Plan

Accident Repairs
Tyres and Tyre tubes

     Total Maintenance Plan is available for Ikon, Fiesta and Endeavour for 2 to 3 years / 30,000 to 60,000 Km.

     Many more options are available for fleet operators. For more details, visit your nearest Ford dealer.
Source: Ford India

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Mahindra starts trial production of mini Xylo

     Mahindra has started trial production of shorter version of its Xylo MPV. The mini Xylo will be manufactured at the company’s Chakan plant is expected to be launched in couple of months.

     Many spy pictures of the mini Xylo has been published in the blog world. From the spy pictures it is evident that the rear portion of the Xylo has been chopped off and hence will come under 4 meters length. Information about the powertrain is sparse by a small 1.5L CRDe engine is expected to be under mini Xylo’s hood. Expected the mini Xylo to be priced around Rs. 5 lakh.

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India bound Mercedes Benz A Class pictures revealed on net

     Mercedes Benz announced its small cars A Class and B Class entry into India couple of weeks ago. Now we have got the pictures of the car probably leaked from the European Patent Office.

     Mercedes which is facing heat from its competitors – Audi and BMW in the luxury car segment. In order to maintain the profit margin the company has decided to tap the untapped small luxury car segment and hence decided to launch it small cars A Class and B Class in India. To make things worse for Mercedes, players such as Volvo and Jaguar are slowly chipping in with their next generation cars in India.

     The A Class will be Font Wheel Drive vehicle unlike other Mercedes cars which are all Rear Wheel Drive. Under the hood of the A Class will be a 2.0 turbocharged four cylinder petrol engine with 210 Bhp of power. Expect the A Class to be priced at Rs. 15 lakh.

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Honda Brio caught testing in India

     Honda's much anticipated small car Brio has been caught testing in New Delhi. Mr. Siddarth Vinayak Patankar, the show presenter of NDTVs Car & Bike show could manage to get the spy picture of the car, tough the image is very much blurred.

     Honda had postponed the launch of Brio in India due to the mighty disaster in Japan. The Brio which was earlier slated for June launch was postponed to October this year. Now with the small car seen on the Indian roads we can expect Brio to be here much soon than expected.

     Honda is holding high hopes on the Brio and why should it not? The Brio has been designed from the scratch like the Etios for the developing markets such as India and Thailand. The Brio promises to deliver unmatched performance and fuel efficiency, with Honda claiming Brio to run 20 km with a liter of petrol. With the raising fuel cost and interest rates, Honda wants to be in Indian market sooner.

     The Brio will be powered by a 1.2L iVTEC petrol motor, same one powering the Jazz, though a smaller engine is likely to be available. Safety features such as airbags and ABS are expected to be present in the Brio, first of its kind in a small car in India. Expected to be priced under Rs. 6 lakh, Honda has to bring in a diesel Brio to really compete in the B segment.

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Is this the 2012 Honda CR-V?

     It was reported that Honda will delay its next generation CR-V project due to Japan disaster. But what we see from the picture is a test mule of the new CR-V with covered front end and D pillar.

     If the vehicle in the picture is indeed the new CR-V, then expect the new CR-V to have a 3rd row of seats. The rear end of the vehicle seems to be bulging to accommodate a third row. The tail lights seem to be of like the Volvo XC90 extending from the roof on the D pillar.

     Since there is news about the next generation Volvo XC90 in development, the test mule vehicle could also be the new XC90. Well let’s wait for more clear pictures to emerge.

Source: Autoblog, Image: Robert Whitley/Brenda Priddy & Company

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Toyota overtakes BMW as the World’s Most Valuable Automobile Brand in 2011

     According to BrandZ top 100 annual study, Toyota has regained the tag World’s Most Valuable Automobile Brand, which it lost to BMW because of the recalls. Toyota saw 11% increase in its brand value which is now rated as $24.2 billion.

     Toyota was named most valuable brand for 4 consecutive times from 2006-09. In 2010 Toyota lost the first place to BMW because of recall issues. BMW ranked second this year followed by Mercedes Benz, Honda and Porsche. The other companies in the Top 10 Automotive list are Nissan, VW, Ford, Audi and Lexus.

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Petrol price hiked by Rs. 5 per liter, diesel price to follow soon

     The Union Government of India has hiked the price of petrol by Rs. 5 just within 24 hours of the election results. We had mentioned earlier about the fuel price hike recommended by RBI to Govt. on India to maintain the fiscal deficit. Oil companies were facing huge losses due to raising international crude price.

     This is the 7th time in 11 months petrol prices have gone up. If you are thinking this is not enough, there is still more hard news to come. The diesel and cooking gas prices are also going to be up by Rs. 4 per liter and Rs. 25-50 per cylinder respectively.

Here are the new petrol prices in different cities of India

Bangalore – Rs. 71.10/liter
New Delhi – Rs.63.37/liter
Mumbai – Rs. 68.33/liter
Kolkata – Rs. 67.71/liter
Chennai – Rs. 67.22/liter

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Honda City diesel? Wait till 2013

     With the rising fuel prices, people are switching to diesel cars, thanks to the latest diesel engine technology which has improved the performance and fuel efficiency of diesel cars.

     Honda City had been the market leader in the C Segment cars in India because of its sheer performance and better fuel efficiency than its competitors. Well we have to say that it no longer stays at the top because of the Vento diesel.

     Volkswagen had targeted the Honda City before launching and it is succeeded to some extent in tress passing the Honda City category. Volkswagen’s Vento diesel has indeed caused damage to the Honda City party.

      Honda seems to be the worried automobile manufacturer. First it was the Tsunami and Earthquake in Japan which has caused damage to Honda and secondly the raising fuel costs. Since Honda has no potential diesel engine for its medium segment cars, it is finding difficult to sustain the markets especially in India.

      Honda had announced that it is developing a small diesel engine for it s cars. But that will not happen before 2013. We feel Honda has speed up its diesel engine development to sustain in this cut throat competitive market.

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The best B Segment car in India

     It is no doubt that everyone will agree that Maruti Swift is the best B Segment car in India. We have a question on it. Why does Swift is the best B Segment in car in India. There are more than one answer.

     The Maruti Swift compared to its competitors namely Polo, Micra, i20 is priced lesser. The other most advantage of Swift is that it is a Maruti. Being a Maruti it is easier to service your car with much cheaper spare part price. 

     The design of the Swift is so fresh, it will go on selling like hot cakes for another 5 years. The only disadvantage of Swift is its rear seats. The rear seats are cramped and you will find hard to get in and get out if the front seats are pushed even little behind. Suzuki has worked on it and has developed an all new Swift which is wider and has good leg room for rear passengers.

     The million dollar question arises now? Does Maruti launch the all new Swift along the the existing Swift. We see many cars in India being continued along with its last generation model. We at Automobile Planet feel, Maruti is in big confusion perhaps the biggest confusion it has faced in its history. 

     If Maruti launch the new Swift along with the old generation one, it has to price the new Swift above the current Swift. This would make the new Swift come into Micra, Polo and i20 category which we feel are over priced. If the new Swift replace the current one, Maruti will lose the customer base who have showed great interest in the present Swift. It is indeed a tricky situation which Maruti has to sort it out cleverly. We feel Maruti has been good at strategies and would come out with good solution in regards to its one of the best cars Swift. 

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Yamaha FZ new variants launched in India

      Yamaha Motor India has launched three new variants of its FZ series of bikes with prices ranging from Rs. 67,000/- to Rs. 74,000/-. The new variants of the FZ series – FZ, FZ-S and Fazer has undergone complete makeover and costs Rs. 67,000/-, Rs. 69,000/- and Rs. 74,000/- respectively. (Prices ex-showroom, New Delhi).

     The company will soon launch a media campaign featuring Yamaha brand ambassador John Abraham to promote these bikes. The new variants come with kick start, new logo and range of colours to match the changing tastes.

     Mr. Hiroyuki Suzuki, CEO and MD of Yamaha Motor India expressed happiness about the way FZ has been received in India and hopes to have same attention from the customers on these new variants.
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Audi A7 Sportback and RS5 coupe launched in India

     German luxury carmaker Audi added two more cars to its portfolio in India with the launch of A7 Sportback and RS5 coupe. Guess who was at the launch ceremony? It was the gorgeous Deepika Padukone on the stage unveiling the car. The A7 price starts form Rs. 65 lakh going up to Rs. 85 lakh for the fully loaded version.

     The A7 Sportback is a style statement rather than a practical luxury car. The coupe like design of A7 gives it a sporty feeling and we feel it does impress every one with its design. The A7 will compete against Mercedes Benz CLS, Porsche Panamera and Aston Martin in the Indian market. The A7 has an upper hand in the contest because of the price.

     The A7 Sportback comes with two engine options. A 3.0 liter TDi V6 diesel engine with 245 Bhp of power and 50.98 Kgm of torque and 3.0 liter TFSI petrol engine.

     The RS5 coupe features typical Audi styling. It gets a reworked version of the 4.2 liter R8 engine with power of 444 Bhp at 8250 rpm and torque of 43.96 Kgm at 4000 rpm. The coupe does 0-100 Kmph in 4.6 seconds with a top speed of 250 Kmph. The RS5 coupe is priced at Rs. 74 lakh and only 20-30 RS5 coupe will be sold in India.
(All prices mentioned above are ex-showroom New Delhi)
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All new Hyundai Fluidic Verna finally launched in India

     Hyundai today launched the much awaited next generation Fluidic Verna in India priced in the range of Rs. 6.99 – 10.74 lakh ex-showroom New Delhi. All these days we were seeing at numbers spy pictures taken near Chennai where the new Verna was extensively tested.

     The all new Verna features Hyundia’s Fluidic Sculpture design philosophy. The front end of the car reminds you of the facelifted i10 which too has some hints of Fluidic Sculpture design. The dual tone interiors looks fresh and attractive.

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Multi fuel engine? Thats what powers the Altius Scimitar

     Altius Automotive Technologies, founded by former Hyundai Motor India boss Mr. BVR Subbu, in partnership with California’s Hayes Diversified Technologies is manufacturing an eninge which runs on various fuels including diesel.

     Both the companies are working on a plan to manufacture a small displacement multi fuel engine for a motorcycle in India. The bike named Scimitar will get a 670cc engine which will run on more than one fuel.

     The 670cc Scimitar engine is a single cylinder, liquid cooled onew which produces 33 Bhp of power at 5700 rpm a 5.4 Kgm of torque at 3300 rpm.

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Tata Magic Iris and Ace Zip launched in Thane

     Tata Motors today launched its small passenger carrier ‘Magic Iris’ and smart micro truck ‘Ace Zip’ in Thane priced at Rs. 1.95 lakh and Rs. 1.90 lakh respectively (Prices ex-showroom Thane).

     The Magic IRIS is a 4 wheeled, 4 seater small passenger carrier aimed to target 3 wheeled auto rickshaws. Being a 4 wheeled it is a better alternative to the auto rickshaws in terms of safety.

     The Magic IRIS is powered by a 611cc, water cooled engine with 11 HP of power. It comes with One year or 36,000 Kms warranty. Four colours are in the offering – Arctic white, Ruby red, Skool yellow and Jet black. Tata Motors has worked hard to keep the maintenance cost of IRIS on par with the auto rickshaws.

     The Ace Zip is based on the Magic IRIS but has been designed as a luggage carrier. It too comes with 1 year/36,000 Kms warranty.

P M Telang ,Tata Motors' Managing Director (India Operations) -

"Tata Motors has been a pioneer in creating and growing the small commercial vehicles market in India with the Tata Ace and the Tata Magic. With the introduction of Magic IRIS and Ace Zip the company will more comprehensively address the burgeoning need of public transportation and goods movement."
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Mahindra not to bring Ssangyong cars in India, to focus on SUVs

     India’s largest utility vehicle manufacturer Mahindra & Mahindra has said it will not bring Ssangyong car to India as it wants to focus on SUV segment and want to become a global utility vehicle manufacturer. To remind, Mahindra bought majority stake in Korean’s automaker Ssangyong recently.

     Mr. Rajesh Jejurikar, who heads Mahindra’s automotive business operations said, they feel appropriate to have a single car in the portfolio of SUVs. The focus of the company is on global SUV.

     Mahindra has a lone car model in its portfolio in the form of Verito. The company is planning to launch a hatchback version of Vertio by early next year.
Saying no to the Ssangyong cars, Mahindra will bring in Ssangyong SUVs to India. Ssangyong SUVs include Korando and Rexton which are seen decent success in US markets.

     We feel the Mahindra’s strategy of preferring a single car in its portfolio of SUVs may have fueled the rift between its JV partner Renault. Renault wants to bring in its series of cars to India which Mahindra was not intending to as it wanted to focus more on the SUVs. All is well that ends well. Now we can get to see Renault’s range of cars as well as Mahindra’s SUVs together in Indian market.

     Ssangyong Motors which as 'Chaiman H' as its flagship car could wait for some more time to make it to India. 

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Renault’s future launches in India

     The Renault’s Indian home page shows the outline of Renaults future launches in India. The only car displayed is the Fluence which will be launched on 23rd of May this year. Next to come is an SUV – Koleos in October 2011.

     Come 2012 we will see a small car/hatchback from Renault in Indian market. The small car could be the Renault’s highest selling Clio which is slated for a next generation change. Followed by the small car are mini off-roader - 'Duster' and a sedan - 'Safrane' in July and October 2012 respectively.

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Renault Fluence India launch on 23th May

     French automaker Renault will launch its luxury sedan Fluence in India on the 23th of May this month with sales starting from June 2011. This will be Renault’s second innings in India after the Logan launch in association with Mahindra. This time Renault has decided to go alone and would like to create a brand image for its cars.

     The Fluence is expected to be priced between Rs. 12 – 14 lakh and will compete with VW Jetta and Skoda Laura in Indian market.

     Two engine options is likely to be available. A 2 liter petrol engine, delivers 137 Bhp and the same Logan’s 1.5 liter dCi diesel produces 105 Bhp will find the place under the Fluence’s hood. The company claims 21.84 Kmpl from the diesel engine.

     Suspension will be tuned for Indian conditions. The ride and comfort is expected to be class leading. The Fluence will sport loads of equipment such as Keyless Start, Bluetooth conectivigy, Dual zone climate contral, Four airbags etc.

     The Fluence will be imported as CKD units from Renault’s Turkey plant and assemble in India at Chennai. The car will be available at 14 dealerships across 12 major cities in India. Renault plans to expand its dealerships to 40 by December this year and then to 100 in 55 cities by the next year.

     Hope Renault don’t slip off its track this time in India.

Stephen Norman, Sr. Vice-President, Renault -
Renault has officially confirmed that the Fluence saloon will be competitively priced "below its Western European rivals. The Fluence saloon is targeted at customers who want great value in a stylish and innovative package and don't need the snob value of a Volkswagen ".

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Skoda Fabia Scout spied testing in India

     Our friend BurnYourFuel has got us the spy picture of the Skoda Fabia Scout being tested in India. The Fabia Scout is a kind of offroader based on the Fabia hatchback. It is the same engine from Fabia hatchback that powers the Fabia Scout. The Faiba Scout has added plastic trim on the lower half of the car with a diffuser on the rear bumper. We suspect the suspension would have tweeked and raised litte for the car to do the off-roading.

     Skoda seams to be in an expansion mode since it is preparing to launch the Rapid sedan soon. With the Fabia Scout and Rapid sedan, Skoda could boost its sales in India. 

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Hyundai Verna 2011 interior snaps released

     Just before the launch of the 2011 Verna (which will be done on 11th May), Hyundai India has released the interior pictures of the car. People in India are very eager to see the most beautiful car of the year. The 2011 Verna, designed with Fluidic Sculpture philosophy is Hyundai’s big gun for C segment cars in India.

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How to rotate your tyres?

     The Tyres of your car needs rotation because each tyre wear out differently. Thed rotation of tyres make the life of the tyre prolonged saving your money in long run.

So how do you do the rotation of tyres? There are two methods – 5 Tyre rotation and 4 Tyre rotation, both are shown in the figure below

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Ford India enters multi brand used car market

     Ford India, in the name of ‘Ford Assured’ has entered into multi brand used car business in Delhi, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Pune and Kochi.

Ford Assured offers the following incentives for customers:

A stringent and world-class 169-point quality check.

Cars are reconditioned by Ford trained and highly experienced technicians.

Limited warranty of 1-year or upto 20,000 km on all car brands sold.

Innovative and convenient buying options on purchasing from and selling to Ford Assured.

Additionally, Ford Assured offers complete peace of mind to customers with initial two services without labour charges on every vehicle purchased.

The Ford Assured program is expected to ensure customer safety and satisfaction at all levels with an experience similar to buying a new car. The cars sold under the program will confirm to the highest quality standards. Additionally, customers will have the option to avail of Ford India’s premium 24-hour Roadside Assistance Service (RSA) for all Ford cars sold under the program by purchasing RSA packs.

Source: Goaonwheels
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Hyundai i15 spied in Brazil

     We have heard of Hyundai’s i10 and i20 cars, but don’t be surprised where this i15 came from. Hyundai is testing a car in between i10 and i20 to give its customers more options in its small car portfolio.

     The i15 car is remote to Indian entry but since it is found testing in Brazil and since Brazil and India are grouped as developing markets, its launched in India cannot be ruled out.

     From the spy pictures it looks like the i15 is the bigger brother of the HA small car developed for India. We had earlier published couple of spy pictures of the Hyundai HA small car being tested near Chennai. The HA will bear a 814cc, 3 cylinder petrol engine and is likely to be priced at Rs. 2.5 lakh to compete against the Maruti Alto.
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Will Honda launch a Brio sedan?

     This seems to be a premature question as Honda has not yet launched the Brio hatchback in India. But according to a sedan version of Honda Brio is expected to make it appearance in the next two years. The rendered picture of the Brio sedan has been published in the and we feel the rendered picture could beat all the cars in its segment in terms of the design.

     The Brio sedan could be a possibility as Honda shares platforms for its cars, like – Honda City and Jazz, Honda Civic and CR-V shares platforms. All is good for Honda unless a diesel engine is present in its portfolio. We had earlier mentioned about a small diesel engine being developed for the Civic sedan. If Honda can develop a small diesel engine like they have done for the petrol one, Honda could be invincible in the World automotive scene.

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