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Maserati SUV to be named Cinqueporte

     Maserati’s new SUV which takes on the likes of Porsche Cayeenes, Audi Q7s, BMW X5s and Range Rovers will be named as Cinqueporte. The company has registered the name ‘Cinqueporte’ in Italy.

     The new SUV from Maserati was showed at the recently concluded Frankfurt Motor Show. The SUV caught huge attention at the motor show. The SUV concept showed at the motor showed has the ‘Kubang’ name which the Maserati has dumped and Cinqueporte will the new name of the SUV now.

     Maserati is known for its Italian design and high performance sports and luxury cars. Cars like GranTurismo, GranCabrio and Quattroporte are highly appreciated cars worldwide. With the launch of Maserati Cinqueporte SUV a new benchmark in high performance SUV will be created for sure.

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Maserati arrives in India

     Fiat owned Italian luxury car manufacturer Maserati has finally come to India. In the foot steps of other luxury car manufacturers Maserati entered India at a time when the demand for luxury cars is increasing. Maserati’s entire range of cars will be available for sale in India. That means you can own a Quattroporte or a Gran Turismo or a Gran Cabrio in India without any import hassles, but of course you need to super rich to do so.

     Maserati has authorized Shreyans group to sell its cars in India. Shreyans group will open its first showroom in Mumbai very soon followed by another in New Delhi. It will expand to 7 major cities with individual dealerships and full service network by the end of 2015.

India is the 63rd market where the Italian carmaker will sell its cars.

Ashish Chordia, CEO, Shreyans Group -
The demand for these cars has been driven by wealthy Indians and we can see a big growth curve ahead.”

Maserati cars prices in India

Gran Turismo 4.2 – Rs 1.20 crore
Gran Turismo S 4.7 – Rs 1.29 crore
Gran Turismo S 4.7 – Rs 1.37 crore
Quattroporte FL 4.2 – Rs 1.23 crore
Quattroporte S FL 4.7 – Rs 1.32 crore
Quattroporte SPORT GTS 4.7 – Rs 1.43 crore
GranCabrio 4.7 – Rs 1.43 crore
Source: ACI
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Maserati India debut in April 2011

     Italian sports car brand Maserati will make its Indian debut next month competing against the fellow country cars like Lamborghini, Bugatti and Ferrari. Maserati will bring all model to India.

Maserati spokeswomen Silvia Saporetti - "We see a great potential for Maserati marquee as all major luxury brands are sold out in the Indian market."
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