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Moving Forward: 3 Things to Think About When Selling Your Motorcycle

You’ve come to the realization that it’s time to sell your motorcycle. Selling any kind of vehicle can be a challenge, especially when you try to sell it yourself. However, when done correctly, you can generate a higher profit than if you were to sell it through a used vehicle lot or car dealership. You can reduce the amount of stress you experience by doing the proper research and being prepared. Here are three things to think about when selling your motorcycle.

Do Your Research

One of the first things that you need to determine when selling your motorcycle is to determine how much it’s worth. While you may you’re your bike and think that it is worth a lot, your particular style or model may not currently be popular. You can check to see if your asking price is appropriate on sites like Kelly Blue Book or the National Automobile Dealers Association. You may also be able to determine the actual market price by looking at classified listings and internet auctions. You need to set a flexible rate, to avoid scaring buyers away. When you’re ready to sell your bike, you can go to and receive a cash offer for your motorcycle.

Preparing Your Bike

Before you place your bike for sale, you need to prepare your bike to be inspected by potential buyers. The first step in preparing your motorcycle it to thoroughly clean it, according to the experts at Motorbike Writer. When cleaning your bike, you want to be sure to get under the seat where mud and dust tend to collect. You also want to remove any surface rust that is visible on metal parts and chrome. If your bike has some worn areas, you may want to consider using some touch-up paint to deal with these areas. Make sure your motorcycle starts quickly and easily by giving it a tune-up.

Meeting Potential Buyers

When you advertise your bike, don’t disclose your home address or the address where you are storing your motorcycle. Try to take pictures of the vehicle at a public location. When a potential buyer contacts you, try to meet them in a neutral, general place. After the potential buyer has seen the bike, it will be up to you whether or not you allow them to test drive the bike. If this is something that you are willing to allow, be sure to check with your insurance to ensure that you have the proper coverage, advises the experts at Allstate. You also want to verify that the potential buyer is experienced enough to handle the motorcycle and has the proper credentials. You may want to consider asking for the down payment as a measure of collateral in case they don’t come back with your bike, or the crash it.

Once you’ve agreed upon a price, you can finalize the sale by filling out a bill of sale and transfer the title to the new owner. After you’ve ensured that the vehicle registration information has been removed from the bike, you can relax knowing that you successfully sold your motorcycle.

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