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New Tire Technologies Inflating Safety for Truckers

Truckers face a lot of pressure on the road. They have deadlines to meet and customers to greet. But, that pressure can be deflated by tire problems - and that’s not the kind of deflation truckers want or need. Under-inflation costs the trucking industry some $2,200 per year per truck. And, that doesn’t include the lost fuel due to rolling resistance inefficiencies. Here’s where a new technology can help.

The Aperia Halo

The Aperia Halo is an ingenious device that attaches to the center of the truck’s wheel Inside of it is a pump that captures energy from a pendulum that swings inside, synchronized to the wheel’s rotation. It’s that tire rotation that produces the pumping action that inflates the tires when needed. An internal sensor detects tire pressure to ensure that tires are always inflated to the proper pressure.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has previously reported that more than half of all truck tires are underinflated, driving up maintenance costs by at least 10 percent. Each system that’s attached to a tire is good for about 500,000 miles, meaning that trucking companies can greatly reduce their tire-related costs.

How Tire Inflation Systems Help Save Money

Aperia Halo isn’t the only device on the market that helps inflate tires when they’re low. Other systems attach differently, are located behind the tire, or use the axle as the source of the air and pressure. But, in all cases, these systems help to reduce the regular maintenance on the trucks as they make cross-country journeys.

Truckers don’t have to stop to check tire pressure, they won’t suffer as many blowouts, and they won’t be stuck on the side of the road for hours waiting for a tow truck or replacing the tire. That means trucking companies can make more shipments on time, save more money on overstock, and save money on additional pay for non-productive work by truckers.

Preventing Accidents

Another benefit of these tire pressure monitoring and autofill systems is that they reduce the risk of accidents. When a truck is on the road, there’s always the risk that an underinflated tire will blow out. Attorneys, like Keith Kofsky, see this kind of thing all the time. Accidents happen, and that’s also how accident and injury lawsuits happen. Trucking companies can save themselves potentially hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars, with a simple tire-inflating device.


With all of the benefits, what’s not to love? Well, one of the disadvantages of these systems is that they do not take air out of the tire. If tires are inflated, and the truck’s elevation or temperature changes (as it’s traveling through different states), the tires may end up becoming overinflated as the PSI increases due to heat generated inside of the tire.

This usually results in a 2 PSI increase for every 10-degree change in temperature.

Should Trucking Companies Employ This Technology

The cost-benefit discussion is an important one to have. But, on the whole, it’s usually worth the additional cost. Since trucking companies spend thousands of dollars per truck right now on tire inflation problems, upgrading the system immediately will permanently and immediately end those additional costs.

Keith Kofsky, Esq, has advocated for the victims of auto accidents for over 30 years. One of his goals is to educate people to help them drive safely. You can find his helpful articles on many websites online.

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Four Most Popular Mahindra SUVs

Mahindra & Mahindra limited has been manufacturing world class SUVs in India since years. The company has deep penetration in the Indian market and understands it really well. It reigns the SUV market in India will almost 50% market share with various models. Here is a look at the 4 most Popular MahindraSUV Cars in India

Mahindra Scorpio- Since its launch in 2002, Scorpio has been an extremely popular and successful SUV in the Indian market. It has undergone various upgrades and advancements in terms of technology to retain its market share and the admiration of buyers. It comes in variants ranging from 7.8 lakhs to 13.5 lakhs. It has a tough, masculine exterior with interiors featuring fire resistant upholstery, seating that conforms to body pressure points and a host of anti-theft features. At its heart it has the powerful mHawk2.2L 4-cylinder diesel engine and revolutionary micro-hybrid technology. It is now the first BS IV car that follows the strict emission norms.

Mahindra Bolero-This SUV was first launched in India in August 2000. It has been the bestselling SUV for years. It is extremely popular in rural markets because of its extraordinary off-roading capabilities and power-packed 2523 m2DiCR engine. It comes in both BS III and BS IV complying models which makes it fuel efficient and environment friendly. Bolero has an extremely aggressive looking exterior design, more do with the new hawk-eye headlights. Interiors spell style and class with technologies like digital display, child lock, voice messaging systems and power windows. Bolero falls in the price range of Rs. 5.6 to 7.8 lakhs.

Mahindra XUV500-First manufactured in 2011, XUV500 has garnered much appreciation for its international styling and top-notch gadgetry. This beast runs on a 2.2-litre, 140bhp, mHawk diesel engine similar to Mahindra Scorpio. Mahindra recently showcased a Hybrid version of this SUV which will be highly fuel efficient.The exterior looks of it has been styled inspired by cheetah and comes loaded with high-end features like touchscreen entertainment system and fully automatic air conditioning. The interiors are tastefully done with rich and elite materials. Mahindra XUV500 spells comfort, performance, modernity and convenience.Price for this stylish SUV ranges from 12 to 15 lakh.

Mahindra Thar- Carrying the looks of a classic jeep, Mahindra Thar is made to stand on any kind of terrain. It was launched in India in 2010 after tasting success in foreign markets. Mahindra TharCRDe is powered by a 2.5L engine. It happens to be the first BS IV CRDe diesel engine. It is meant to be an adventure vehicle and uses LSVP brakes to prevent loss of control and great shock absorbing capabilities. For those who love retro styling, Mahindra Thar is a perfect vehicle with its signature jeep headlights, sturdy body, rectangular front glass and removable top. It has minimalistic and raw-looking interiors retaining the classic feel. Seating is comfortable with ample legroom. It comes in a price range of 4.8 lakhs to 7.3 lakh.

Apart from these stunning SUVs Mahindra also hosts models like Mahindra Quanto, Mahindra Rexton and Mahindra Kryon. Mahindra is committed to excellence and has delivered a range of successful SUVs with various technological advancements for Indian markets and continues to do so. For more details about cars & bikes logon to &
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Mercedes continue to dominate during testing

Mercedes followed up their impressive one-two finish in Bahrain by dominating Day One of Formula 1’s return to full in-season testing at Sakhir, with Nico Rosberg setting the pace during his 121 completed laps. Apart from a one-off test at Mugello in 2012, Formula 1 has had a ban on full in-season testing outside of race weekends since the end of the 2008 season, but those rules have been changed to allow four two-day testing runs throughout this season.

Bahrain is the first venue to host the in-season testing and it was little surprise to see Mercedes continue their stunning start to the season that sees them favourites with Betfair to dominate F1 this season. Following on from his thrilling second place finish on the Sunday behind team-mate Lewis Hamilton, in a race that had Betfair fans to-ing and fro-ing throughout the race, it was Nico Rosberg that set the pace with a lap of 1:35.697 on a track Mercedes have looked comfortable on all weekend.

Force India, who had an encouraging and deserved third and fifth finish in Bahrain, were Mercedes’ closest challengers again on the track at Sakhir, with Nico Hulkenberg coming in ahead of Ferrari's Fernando Alonso and McLaren Kevin Magnussen in an 11-car line-up on the first of the two days of testing in Bahrain.

After a fairly dismal opening three races of the season, this testing comes at a particularly good time for Ferrari. Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen struggled to disappointing ninth and tenth place finishes in Bahrain – despite both being tipped by Betfair punters to be challenging much higher up the grid.

The Italian team used the testing session as a chance to use sizeable aero-measuring devices on the mis-firing F14 T and used their 69 laps to work on electronic configuration tuning and set-up work. Alonso completed a series of shorter runs later in the session, during which he clocked his best 1:36.626 time to climb ahead of Magnussen, but it remains to be seen whether the Spaniard will be in the minds of Betfair visitors heading into the Chinese Grand Prix.
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The Whole Package: 5 Perks of Cruising in a Crossover Vehicle

Crossover vehicles are the dark horse of the automobile industry. Minivans had their day, but soccer moms demand more. Actually, soccer dads are probably demanding more too. With automakers' recent struggles, it's amazing that anyone is buying anything anymore. It used to be that SUVs were the go-to vehicle for families. The problem is that, while SUVs have size, they don't have fuel efficiency and they also aren't always comfortable.

Enter, the crossover. It's a mix between a car and an SUV, and it has many of the attributes of a minivan without the stigma of "mom jeans."

They're Stylish Now

Styling isn't always the most important factor, but no one really wants to drive around in a box or something that looks like it came from the '70s. Car manufacturers are keen to the importance of style, and have updated it in their new offerings. They're also experimenting on consumers. Some companies are making their crossovers smaller than the previous market standard. Others are testing the idea of larger vehicles. What does this mean for you? It means more choice.

They're Better With Gasoline

Old SUVs used to get 13 MPG, but that just won't do today. gas prices are rising, and they might keep going in that direction if oil refining doesn't pick up soon. On the other hand, if you need to tow a boat behind you, the old crossovers can't "man up" to the job.

Today's crossovers offer more power, yet they're easier on your wallet at the pump. Part of the innovations here come from a switch to more conservative engine sizes. The Toyota RAV-4 is a 4-cylinder that boasts 22MGP in the city and 28MPG on the highway. The company's Highlander Hybrid mates an electric engine with a traditional gasoline one, and achieves 280 horsepower with an EPA rating of 28 MPG on the open road.

There Are Lots of Extras

Gone are the days of crank windows and no A/C. Even with SUVs, you had to sacrifice some of the creature comforts. But, with the new generation crossovers, you actually get as many options as you do with cars. For example, the Chevy Traverse has a towing capacity of 5,200 lbs. That's enough to tow just about anything except a semi.

All-wheel-drive is another important feature than manufacturers are adding to many of these vehicles. When you look at the Outback vs Forester, you suddenly realize that both are good choices, and one of the reasons why is because the manufacturer has gotten smart about what will be important to a family - namely, safety. And, there are few recent technological innovations that are safer than AWD.

The Third Row

Unlike being the third wheel in a group of friends, there's nothing social awkward about having a third row in a vehicle. In fact, having one makes it a lot easier to transport kids - even ones that aren't yours. And, that's a reality in today's world. You trade off taking kids to soccer or baseball or whatever. You might also arrange play dates or take your kid's friends out with you.

Robert Navarro is a car connoisseur with a passion for innovation and practicality. When not researching trends and auto tech, he enjoys blogging about the ins and outs of the industry.
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Ecclestone says double the points for the last three F1 races

Formula 1’s boss Bernie Ecclestone has said he wishes to go even further with his already controversial double-points system by extending it to the final three races of the F1 season.
This has gone down like a lead balloon with most constructors and drivers. The new scheme had already been brought in for the last grand prix of the forthcoming season in Abu Dhabi. But now Ecclestone wants to add in the previous two grands prix in America and Brazil.

This really puts the cat amongst the pigeons for the betting market – particularly when you consider the sweeping changes now required for the F1 new season. And it could spell good news for those of us who like to spice things up a little with a wager.

Of course, the new suggestion to make all three races double is an attempt to keep this interesting for as long as possible in the drivers’ championship race. In this way, it’s testament to the dominance of Red Bull and Sebastian Vettel. The Red Bull German ace had won two of the last three F1 drivers’ championships with three or more races remaining.

But things could be very different this year and the points system changes could make it even more so. So if you’re looking for a punt on a Formula One season bet on an outsider – now seems the ideal time to do it because frankly – anything is possible under the new technical regulations and potential points system.

If ever a team was going to end Red Bull’s dominance, this is the big chance to do it – yet Vettel still dominates the betting with the world’s largest betting exchange, Betfair. This seems to make little sense – so it’s time to pick out a lively outsider thanks to Ecclestone’s changes.
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Raikkonen’s relationship with Lotus ends early

The relationship between Kimi Raikkonen and Formula 1 team Lotus has been through some difficulties this year, and now it’s come to an early end as Raikkonen will have back surgery this week and miss out on the Constructors Championship in Austin, Texas, next week and the Brazilian Grand Prix at the end of the 2013 season.

Although an old back injury has been blamed as the reason for his early exit, Raikkonen has not enjoyed his relationship with Lotus this year, claiming he hasn’t been paid all of his salary this year. In 2012, Lotus didn’t pay him until the end of the season and this year, it’s thought that Louts owes him 17.15m euros in unpaid salary and bonus.

Lotus hasn’t announced yet who will step in for Raikkonen at the Austin race. There are two drivers who look likely to replace him in the Lotus team next year – Nico Hulkenberg (Sauber) and Pastor Maldonado (Williams) – but neither is likely to be released from their existing contract early. So it looks like the Austin spot will become available for Lotus reserve driver Davide Valsechhi.

At the time of writing, Betfair has only given four drivers odds under 20/1 for being the winning driver at Austin. These are Sebastian Vettel (2/7), Mark Webber (5/1) and both Lewis Hamilton and Romain Grosjean at 16/1. Grosjean is, of course, Raikkonen’s fellow driver at Lotus.

As for winning car at the Constructors Championships, Betfair has put Lotus in as third favourite – with odds of 10/1 versus the 1/10 odds for Red Bull.

While there’s an overall feeling in the motor racing world that Raikkonen’s early exit from the 2013 Formula 1 season is more about the difficult relationship with Lotus rather than a flare-up of an old back injury, that’s the party line that both Raikkonen’s management and the Lotus team are sticking to.

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Skoda Rapid – The best of Badge Engineering But with a Difference

When Skoda finally unleashed its player in the mid-level sedan segment with its 5 door small family car Skoda Rapid, it was almost a case study in badge engineering with the ‘sharing’ aspect taken to a totally different level much beyond the mere platform sharing practice. So much so that Skoda Rapid is almost identical to the Volkswagen Vento! However, is there more to what meets the eye and would Skoda Rapid be able to rapidly carve a niche out of itself?

Exteriors - The Vento vs. Rapid Story:
Look-wise, the Skoda Rapid looks to be a Volkswagen Vento having the Fabia front end. In fact, this all new levels of badge engineering has resulted in Rapid and Vento to be almost identical cars, which might create a little problem for the Vento Sales figure since Rapid is underpriced. However, even if each of them individually do not go on to become category leaders in their segment, nobody is complaining if the combined rapid and vento Sales outnumber Honda City and Hyundai Verna.
So on first glance it’s hard to differentiate between a Rapid and a vento with both of them having the same A, B, C pillars, but wait, when you take a closer profile look, you notice things that aren’t the same. There’s certainly more to the Rapid. The treatment of Rapid’s front end is definitely like the Fabia but may be slightly longer and not as sharply raked as the hatchback. The bonnet extends over the fenders with a redesigned front bumper as well.  The mustache grill is also slightly different to Rapid’s large nose and the strong and sturdy grill makes it look to be a more matured car. The 5 spoke alloy wheels are brilliant in visual terms and look to be chunkier than vento. The lines all over are smoothly integrated along the body of the car as is its boot, which though being a straight life from vento, but finds its distinct identity due to the taillights and crystal cut, that has the very Skoda touch. The rear bumper, boot lid and tail lights are all new with the Vento boot lid kink disappearing into a straight line in case of Rapid. Rapid sports a prism edge with the two sharp edges on either side of the number plate that ushers in the new Skoda design theme. All in all, Skoda rapid turn out to be a handsome looking sedan.

Interiors: Can you spot the difference?
Sit inside the Skoda Rapid and you’ll have deja-vu if you have ever been inside a vento or a Polo. With identical interiors with that of the Vento, only very keen observers would identify the differences in the dashboard brownish tinge and the four spoke steering wheel, which again is similar to Fabia’s. While it is extremely comfortable to grip with a surprisingly easy press-able horn despite having the inbuilt airbag, what is missing is the steering mounted control. Other slight points of difference lies in Rapid’s white console needles instead of red, different font on the dials and the every 500rpm markings on the tachometer. With a similar 2552mm wheelbase, there’s enough space and legroom in the Rapid making it comfortable for even 6 footer drivers or back passengers. The only issue might be the tall transmission tunnel that might make getting in and out a tad difficult.

Skoda Rapid Variants: Actively ambitious and elegant!
One of the main differentiating factor for a common potential buyer could be the range of variants that Skoda Rapid sports compared to the Vento. While Vento strangely has only 2 variants, Skoda has done much better by offering Rapid in 3 trim levels – Active, Ambition and Elegance. While Active is the base model, Ambition and elegance are the mid-level and highest trims respectively offered in the colorsof:
·         Flash Red
·         Deep Black Pearl
·         Brilliant Silver
·         Candy White
·         Cappuccino Beige
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The Mini Classic, greatest British car of all time?

Timeless Classic

What would you consider the greatest British car of all time? The Land Rover? Jaguar? Oh, of coursethe Austin Mini- according to a poll carried out by Autocar.

The Mini is a vehicle that’s demand has never really slumped; in fact it’s on the rise. By 2015, the UK will be producing two million Austin Minis, beating the previous record of 1.92 million manufactured in the year of 1972. It’s a car so popular abroad, that 80% of the vehicles produced will be exported.

The Austin Mini, designed by Alec Issigonis more than 10-foot long and yet would be able to seat four adults. Despite how we recognise the vehicle today, it only began to gain popularity when celebrities started to drive it and after the famous film The Italian Job (1969).

It’s a British icon described as “was one of the most remarkable cars ever built”- Autocar editor, Steve Cropley.

[images courtesy of newspress from Mini World Magazine]
Mini Cooper S

[image courtesy of newspress]
Mini: A Century of car-making in Oxford

[image courtesy of newspress from British Motor Industry Heritage Trust]
First production of the Mini Minor- 1959

[image courtesy of newspress from CMW Imaging]
Birmingham gets a taste of the original Italian Job

[image courtesy of Scott Edwards on Flickr]
Mr Bean Mini in a police chase - Goodwood Revival 2009

[image courtesy of newspress]
Last Longbridge Mini up for sale- recovered from the Longbridge tunnels in 2012

[image courtesy of newspress]
The all-new MINI Paceman

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The Concept Car

Before a new model of car hits the road, the trade papers and the forecourt, it goes through a multitude of development stages. Everyone, from engineers to scientists, test drivers and accountants, gets to have their say, put forward their own particular viewpoint and, let’s be honest, do their best to make the car in question as ordinary as possible. This may sound like a strange statement, considering the millions spent on advertising and marketing in an attempt to convince us that this car or the next is a reinvention of the wheel and a redefinition of the driving experience, but the truth is that most cars, outside of the high end luxury market, are built with mass appeal in mind, which tends to result in eccentricities being ironed out. All too often, the day to day experience of driving is about the mundane – waiting out a red light, bemoaning the price of fuel and getting pranged and sorting out a compensation claim. In the unfortunate circumstance that you find yourself needing to claim due to injury, then a page online I came across, ( can point you in the right direction. It also has a compensation calculator tool, describing parts of the body and how much on average is expected to receive if injured.

In the life of every car you’ve ever driven or rode in, however, there was a moment, a brief shining moment, in which it was a stunning testament to innovation, style and adventure. That moment, of course, was when the designer sat down with a pencil in hand and a blank piece of paper in front of them, and drew whatever their heart desired, before the pragmatists and realists got their hands on things. After all, ask yourself, when was the last time that a car you saw on the road actually took your breath away or made your heart beat faster? A Ford Focus? A Nissan Micra? A VW Golf? Didn’t think so. There is still a vehicle, however, which allows for these wilder vehicular dreams to be expressed and realised. Lots of vehicles, in fact, and they’re called Concept Cars.

Concept cars are the director’s cut of the motoring world, the twelve inch remix, the deluxe edition. They’re what happens when the designers and manufacturers get to show off what they can really do, safe in the knowledge that the ideas they come up with will never have to be mass produced or driven through a traffic jam during Monday morning rush hour. Concept cars may seem like a fanciful indulgence, and in some ways they are – after all, cars are supposed to be fun on some level - but they also perform a valuable role. They allow car manufacturers to play around with concepts and ideas which may seem wildly fanciful at the time but which end up, much further down the line, being reflected in the cars which anyone can buy. The fact that concept cars never need make it to production results in ideas which push the envelope a little further than would otherwise be the case, and these innovative ideas often then filter down to the mass market. 

The first concept car is generally regarded as the Buick Y-Job, which was designed for General Motors by Harley Earl. It featured innovations such as wraparound bumpers, electric windows and flush door handles which, whilst extreme at the time, have gone on to be standard design features.

Other notable concept cars included the following:

The Lancia Megagamma – designed by Italdesign in 1978 and seen as the forerunner of the modern MPV.

Porsche 989 - The first four door Porsche and a forerunner of the Porsche Panamera.

Chevrolet Corvette Mako Shark Designed to reflect the creature after which it was named, the Mako Shark went on to have a huge influence on the design of the Corvette production model between 1968 and 1982.

Chevrolet Volt – launched in 2007 as an electric concept car, the Volt was launched as a production model in September 2008 and has since gone on to win many green awards.

Phantom Corsair – launched in 1938 and viewed as a failure at the time, the Phantom Corsair can, in retrospect, be seen as being ahead of its time. Its aerodynamic design meant that it was only 57 inches high, had completely skirted wheels and flush fenders. Other innovations included doors which opened with electronic buttons rather than handles, and a dashboard which indicated if the radio or lights were left on, or the doors left ajar.

BMW GINA – at first glance this may seem like a more extreme concept car than most. The body of the car was made of a type of fabric stretched over an aluminium frame, which meant that the shape of the vehicle would alter to match the driving conditions, or even on the whim of the driver. As far-fetched as this might seem, however, the basic platform was then utilised for the BMW i3 and BMW i8 Electric Vehicles.
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From Cars to What not: Head Online to find it!

Most of the persons prefer posting classified ads online to sell some durables at home, or other items, which you may want to get rid of or to upgrade to a newer version available. There are a lot of websites offering services for posting your advertisements online to make your advert reach out to the maximum number of people as fast as possible. These types of websites provide an easy to manage and a user-friendly interface to help you easily manage your advertisement in order to get quality buyers without much hassle. There are many benefits of posting an advertisement online, which are mentioned below in this article.

  • The main benefit of posting online classified adverts is that they are cost-effective. Though, there are many websites offering free service of posting free classified advertisements, yet some websites offer this service at nominal charges. The reason for making this service chargeable is to allow only genuine and quality ads to be posted and to get quality buyers easily available.
  • Various websites offer features like addition of images and/or videos along with the advertisement posted. There are various buyers looking for car classifieds or for other types of products or services, who are looking for a demo of the listed product/service before making an actual purchase. Thus, the addition of a digital media helps attract more number of buyers from across the globe.
  • The service providers continue work on their website and the adverts posted in it to get them optimized for a better traffic. While, most of the buyers looking forward to purchase a product online begin their search from Google or other search engines, thus, maintaining a better search engine ranking can help your advertisement reach a number of buyers.
  • By making an online post for your classified advert, you can expect a faster response from buyers as the advertisements are displayed online immediately. In addition, most of the buyers prefer fresh ads posted to buy some product as the older ones are mostly closed, so, immediate posting can get you immediate response from buyers. Thus, you can get your items sold immediately once you go for an online advertisement.
  • Since, you are able to get multiple buyers in a short time; you have the option of making the best deal out of all. For instance, imagine you are selling your car and you have quoted a certain price for the same in an online advertisement. You get a first buyer, who negotiates on the price you quoted and asks for a lower price on the deal and you put him on hold. At the same time, you get another buyer, who agrees to pay the full amount you quoted, thus you have the option of choosing either of the two.

Thus, this makes it clear that posting classified ads online has various benefits including a better and faster response. So, if you are looking for a quick and a faster response to sell any of your product or service to potential buyers, you can achieve this without much hassle by posting on any classifieds website.
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Top 5 Mahindra Scorpio Models

Nowadays many cars with diverse features are available in the market. These cars are fully loaded with advanced technology and their interior is excellently designed. Mahindra is one of the manufacturers of cars in India having various models with varied features. Their models are amazingly structured and engines are more powerful to drive in all conditions. One of their products is Scorpio available in the market in several models. M&M (Mahindra & Mahindra) Ltd is around 6 billion dollars corporation.

The plant of Scorpio car is located at Nasik, Maharashtra. Mahindra Scorpio is available in various segments. The present models of this 4 door car are available with SUV (Sport utility vehicle) feature. Scorpio is the most successful product of Mahindra Company. This stylish car has been appreciated by consumers.

The early version of Mahindra Scorpio got popularity because of its design and power. Today many models are available in the market for buyers. Today this company is having dealership in many countries like Brazil and South Africa. Demand in South Africa is increasing as the car is able to run in mud and forest areas without much trouble. The balance and the capacity of car makes it more demanding product than other cars of India.

There are many models of Scorpio but top 5 that are more in demand are:
1.      Mahindra Scorpio SLE: this is the model comes in top of Scorpio. This model is available with diesel engine and its cost is 10.03 Lakh. 12 km/litre mileage is good enough with this heavy car and its balance in curves and turning allow driver to move smoothly.
2.      Mahindra Scorpio VLX: this fully loaded high end model is having diesel engine with option airbags. Its average cost is 10.95 Lakh and available with rain sensor.
3.      Mahindra Scorpio LX: next model existing for costumer is Scorpio LX having diesel engine. It gives mileage of 12 km per litre and average cost is 8.69 Lakh.
4.      Mahindra Scorpio EX:  Company is using hybrid technology in all models of Scorpio. Ex model is available with same technology having diesel providing good mileage of 13.5 km/pl. Consumers have to spend 8.07 Lakh rupees to get this car.
5.      Mahindra Gateway: this is the Luxury SUV model of Scorpio having all advanced features. This diesel car is best for commercial use and its price is approx 9 Lakh. Gateway car is available with two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive variants.

Mahindra cars are best in comfort and their smooth drive makes it first choice for youth generation. Their cars are available in most of the showrooms and buyers can do the test drive to check the comfort level of the car. Mahindra Company is offering loan feature for their customers so those who have some limitations with budget can refer the loan to get their dream car. EMI calculation can be done through calculators available on the authorised website of Mahindra. However, there are other firms and banks offering car loans that buyer can go for.

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What You Should Avoid Telling the Car Dealer?

Most people are apprehensive when shopping for a car. Probably they are afraid that they will utter the wrong words when negotiating on the price. This process does not have to be nerve wrecking with the availability of the internet today. Shoppers can negotiate for car prices with their dealers when they have the right information acquired from the internet. This in turn enables them to get the best deals.

It is simple to find basic information such as features, reviews and options on the web for any car that you would like to buy. The essence of doing this research prior to meeting with a car dealership Lebanon expert is that the information you acquire will place you in a position to get the best deals. It is ill advised to trust every word that the car dealership in Springfield and Ohio companies tell you.

Since the level of competition in the car dealership business in Ohio and the world over is quite high, consumers have got a higher leverage. It is not unusual for consumers to cross shop in a bid to get the best deal. Even as they do this, it is vital to know exactly what words to say and which ones to avoid.

What to Avoid Saying

1. Monthly Payments
Never speak about monthly payments with the car dealer before you settle on the price of the car. Your main concentration should be on negotiating the best price. When you talk of monthly payments everything gets confusing and the dealer may take advantage of this to get a higher price for the car. This notion has been supported by car dealerships experts in Lebanon, Ohio and across the globe.

2. Do not mention Trade INs
Avoid informing the dealer that you have any interest in trading in the car. Usually, the traders move cash around hence it would not be in the interest of the buyer to mention upfront any intentions of trading in the car. If the dealer is privy to such information, they will access the value of the car and give you a low price for it as compared to the market rate. However, if you first negotiate for the price, you probably will get a good deal by making a trade in. Take note that each time you add in the trade in value of your vehicle, the numbers will move back and forth.
3. Do Not Show Desperation
Never tell the dealer that you are desperate to purchase the car. Such information will only make the car dealer quote a higher price.

4. Do not inform the Dealer of your Intention to Pay Cash
As dealers negotiate for the purchase price, usually they anticipate that they will make more money through financing. So, if you inform him or her that you would like to make cash payment, then you will get a higher quote since the dealer has no room of making extra cash.
Finally, it is fine to inform the dealer that you have done comparison shopping. That way, the car dealers Mason Ohio will be forced to give you the best price possible.

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Installing Car Decals

Car decals can be customized by shape, size, color, and design. This capability creates a major advantage for the product. Decals are made to look as if painted on the car’s body and along with the versatility of the material the possibilities it presents to a car owner are endless.

Installing custom decals can be an intimidating task. The adhesive on the vinyl material gives an owner just one shot to install correctly. It must be done slowly, but when done with precision the decals will look great.

Step 1
Clean the car and allow it to fully dry. If the car was recently waxed allow a few days for the wax to fully-cure so that it does that disrupt the decal applying to the surface of the vehicle. Non-cured wax will cause adhesion issues.

Step 2
Secure the decal to the body with masking tape so that it does not shift while you stick it on. If the decal is too big for one person, grab a partner.

Step 3
Begin to lift the decal upward and peel off the backing paper. Do not remove the entire backing paper at once, if you do the decal will curl and wrinkle. Remove small sections one at a time.

Step 4
Using a squeegee or fingers, apply the decal slowly. When squeezing out air bubbles start from the middle and move outward. Slowly go about the process.

Step 5
As soon as the entire decal is installed, double check for bubbles and any remaining wrinkles. If bubbles will not come out, use a pin to pop them and flatten out the material with your finger.

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