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All new Hyundai Xcent TV commercial

The Real Family Sedan Xcent Official TV Commercial

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Maruti Dzire new TV commercial coming up

Today we came across the shooting of new TV commercial of Maruti Suzuki Dizre in Bangalore. The shooting was taking place at Bangalore University’s Janabharathi campus. The newly layed tar road and greenery around has prompted the TVC directors to choose the spot.

We managed to get just a glimpse of the shooting place with our phone camera as the road was jammed with ongoing vehicles. The authorities had tough time to manage the vehicles, stopping at both ends of the roads, so that the TV commercial take place.

Two blue Maruti Dzire cars were found. One car was behind a black Merc SUV mounted with a camera and the other parked at the other end. We hope much more TV commercials takes place at the campus and we would capture more images and videos as its the routine way we travel. 

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