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Spicing Things up a Bit: 8 Cool Ways You Can Customize Your Car

It is your car, your baby, all you have ever dreamed of (or not!) and the time has come to add a personal touch to your own four wheels. Sure you can go with the standards of customization, like license plates and stickers, but why not get a little creative? Why not be a tad bit...extra? We have some great tips that you may find useful in truly customizing your car. At the end of the day, the end of the drive, the beginning of another road trip, or the familiar trek to work, you are destined to rest assured that the car in which you sit is your soul car-mate.

Number One: The License Plate
Your car’s license plate is an eye grabber and is, therefore, a very simple way to customize your car. Not to mention, this easy addition is suitable for any vehicle, and you can design it exactly as you wish. Relatively inexpensive, a customized license plate is sure to spell your name (literally?). If you are needing a place to start, Primo Registrations offers an affordable, user-friendly, and out-of-the-box platform for designing and creating your very own license plate.

Number Two: Bumper Stickers
Sure you can tack on any random bumper sticker from your favorite beer garden, or from a cross-country race or ski event, but you can also get even more creative. Try applying your initials in fancy lettering, or decorating the entire exterior with flower stickers. Go a step further and make your car look like a race car with stripes and a diamond on the front. With your own bumper stickers, you can design your car to your own interests (or create your own interests) and truly make your ride a customized vehicle.

Number Three: Tinted Windows
Your car is your space so why not add some mystery to it? Tinted windows are an obvious statement and is definitely a feature that not every car can own. So, make it your own! Bear in mind, there are certain legal parameters to stick to when window tinting. For instance, the rear windows and rear windscreen are free of restrictions, so tint as dark as you want! But, the minimum levels of light to pass through the windscreen and front side windows is set at 70% for vehicles first used before 1 April 1985. For vehicles used on or after 1 April, 1985, 75% of light must be able to pass through the windscreen, and 70% through the front side windows.

Number Four: The Stereo
Blast your classical music so the rest of the world can hear because we need that calm stuff more than anything. But regardless of the intention (be it a parade down the road or for your own personal delight), your own speakers could make or break your comfort level when it comes to humming along with a tune, especially if your current stereo has limited features, like base adjustments or wireless capabilities. The best part about this way of customizing your vehicle is that you can break the bank, or not! There is a range of options to fit every bill.

Number Five: The Exhaust
Time to change your pipes? Opt for a sportier look especially if it suits your horses. Swapping these out not only enhances the look of your car (if you are into that) but also changes the way your vehicle operates and sounds. It is yet another simple way to draw attention to the fact that hey, this is your car.

Number Six: Wheels and Rims
Your car comes with wheels, but what if you got your own wheels? The car might ride better, get better mileage, and be quieter on the road. While you are at it, swapping out the rims could add a sparkle to your car’s smile. Rims are simple but easily noticed customization technique that would carry you quite far, if you so chose. Not to mention, you can buy used rims online, just be sure to double check that the size is correct.

Number Seven: Suspension and Stance
This is somewhat more serious customization. Lowering (or raising) your vehicle is another way to take the car off the grid and into your own element. But, because it involves springs and alignment standards, we highly recommend that you take this project to an experienced mechanic. They can test the camber and alignment scales before and after to make sure everything runs smoothly. Improper alignment will cause your tires to wear unevenly, which would be an easily avoidable expense later on down the road.

Number Eight: The Interior
There are so many nifty ways to customize your interior. For instance, just the seats have plenty of opportunities for creativity to break loose, from seat covers to embroideries, to backseat pockets and straps. Get fancy with storage and add extra compartments to that simple single pocket, or get more durable material for keeping the mud from your dog from staining and damaging the soft fabric (helps with resale if you and your car break up). Too much black? Add bright pink. Tired of the leather heating you up during those heat waves of summer? Swap to the fabric material. You can truly be creative here in terms of fabric patterns and textures and make the interior conducive to your aesthetic and practical needs.

Try steering wheel covers, or customized sun visors, or change the floor mats. Ever notice how refreshed you feel when you change the paint on your walls or walk into a room with new curtains? You can have the same experience with your car, which might even be better than buying another.

From the very beginning, the vehicle is your very own, but customizing it further can be more than just a public announcement or a flare of personality. It can also be a meditative experience for exploring your own creative potential. Get fancy, go simple, be expensive, opt for the aesthetic effect, enhance its practicality, be you, and put yourself into your vehicle to call it yours.

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