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Maserati SUV to be named Cinqueporte

     Maserati’s new SUV which takes on the likes of Porsche Cayeenes, Audi Q7s, BMW X5s and Range Rovers will be named as Cinqueporte. The company has registered the name ‘Cinqueporte’ in Italy.

     The new SUV from Maserati was showed at the recently concluded Frankfurt Motor Show. The SUV caught huge attention at the motor show. The SUV concept showed at the motor showed has the ‘Kubang’ name which the Maserati has dumped and Cinqueporte will the new name of the SUV now.

     Maserati is known for its Italian design and high performance sports and luxury cars. Cars like GranTurismo, GranCabrio and Quattroporte are highly appreciated cars worldwide. With the launch of Maserati Cinqueporte SUV a new benchmark in high performance SUV will be created for sure.

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