Mitsubishi’s India bound small car - Eco

     The first picture of Mitsubishi’s India bound small car has been released. The car will be showcased at the Geneva Motor Show starting from first week of March 2011. Last December Mitsubishi had released the concept sketches of this small car.

     The car is known as Mitsubishi Eco car in Thailand. As the name suggests it will create minimum damage to the environment. Production of the car in Thailand will commence from March 2012 and probably will make it to India by the end of next year.

     The Mitsubishi Eco may be powered by a 1.0 L or 1.2 L petrol engine with Start-Stop technology. A CVT gear box will transmit the power to the front wheels. To maximize the efficiency, Mitsubishi might utilize regenerative breaking system in this small car.

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