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Mercedes Benz Aesthetics No. 2 Sculpture at Detroit Auto Show

     Right from the origin of automobiles we have seen lot of car designs resembling the Nature. Be it animals or birds, all have inspired the designer to come with a new innovative concept of design. Now Mercedes Benz has designed an innovative concept of Interiors which closly resemble the God's best creation - The Life. The interiors named Aesthetics No. 2 Sculpture resemble the spine and vertebra of an animal. After all its the inspiration from the Nature which has brought to this stage!

“At Mercedes-Benz, automobile design is artistic creation. Inspiration is the pre-condition for the calm, coherent yet passionately emotional design of our cars. In the interior sculpture Aesthetics No. 2 we have allowed creative fantasy to develop freely without constraints,” said Gorden Wagener, Mercedes head of design.

“Soft, gentle and infinitely beautiful is her manner of dealing with her resources, creating impressive aesthetics ever anew. We perceive this in every cell structure, every blossom, every living being. However, we do not simply mimic Nature, but learn instead from the intricate, all-encompassing interplay of her elements – this, too, is a hallmark of art," added Wagener

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