Fiat Grande Punto Price in Bangalore

Price of Fiat Grande Punto in Bangalore
All Prices ex-showroom Bangalore, Prices may vary
Fiat Grande Punto 1.2 Active (Petrol) Price in Bangalore -  Rs. 4,35,978/-

Fiat Grande Punto 1.2 Dynamic (Petrol)  Price in Bangalore - Rs. 4,67,141/-

Fiat Grande Punto 1.2 Emotion (Petrol) Price in Bangalore - Rs. 4,98,019/-

Fiat Grande Punto 1.4 Emotion (Petrol)  Price in Bangalore - Rs. 5,49,180/-

Fiat Grande Punto 1.4 Emotion Pack (Petrol)  Price in Bangalore - Rs. 6,08,730/-

Fiat Grande Punto 1.3 Active (Diesel) Price in Bangalore - Rs. 5,20,286/-

Fiat Grande Punto 1.3 Dynamic (Diesel) Price in Bangalore - Rs. 5,54,230/-

Fiat Grande Punto 1.3 Emotion (Diesel) Price in Bangalore - Rs. 5,98,454/-

Fiat Grande Punto 1.3 Emotion Pack (Diesel) Price in Bangalore - Rs. 6,55,023/-

Fiat Grande Punto 1.3 Emotion Pack (90 HP) (Diesel) Price in Bangalore - Rs. 6,88,549/-

  • Premium shades will attract an additional charge of Rs.4000/-
  • For exact prices please contact our dealer.
  • Prices are applicable within the specified city limits only.
  • All prices are subject to change. Fiat India reserves the right to modify the prices at its discretion at any point of time.
  • All prices are ex showroom.

Source: Fiat India

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