Fluidic Verna receives 20,000 bookings, waiting period upto 6 months

     Hyundai as well know has pulled out another winner in the form of Fluidic Verna. The brilliantly designed Fludic Verna has received over 20,000 booking since its launch. The company is forced to ramp up the production to meet the customer demand.

     Hyundai, before launching the Fluidic Verna had took some time so that enough number of cars are produced so that the customers need not have to wait for long. Because of this, we are seeing plenty of Fluidic Vernas on road, at least on Bangalore roads. What more advertising can you get than the cars themselves on the road.

     The customer feedback has exceeded the Hyundai's expectation, and why not? the car indeed is an eye catcher. Apart from the looks the versatility of Fluidic Verna with 2 petrol engines and 2 diesel engines have done the trick. The Fluidic Verna caters to a large spectrum of buyers from go the extra mile geeks to high performance enthusiasts.

     If you want to buy one, just drop in as soon as possible as you might be able to bring home the Fluidic Verna only in 2012. 

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