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Bajaj RE60 ultra low cost city vehicle unveiled

     Bajaj Auto has unveiled its ultra low cost city vehicle ‘RE60’ today. As Bajaj Auto says, the RE60 is not a car but a 4 wheeled city vehicle seen as a replacement to a 3 wheeler. Powered by a 200cc water cooled petrol engine with 20hp of power, RE60 returns an incredible fuel efficiency of 40 Kmpl under testing conditions. The carbon dioxide emission is very low at 60g/km which is half of that a small car emits.

     The RE60 chassis is built on a light weight monocoque metal polymer hybrid structure which makes the vehicle very light at just 400 Kg. The engine mounted at the rear has been developed from Pulsar 200 which features a closed loop fuel injection system and DTSi technology. Petrol, CNG and LPG are the only fuel options, with no diesel as RE60 is built as a light weight vehicle. The Bajaj RE60 measure 2752mm in length, 1312 mm in width and 1650 mm in height. Seating capacity is 2+2 or 1+3 with 44 liter boot space and 7 liter under the hood. Max speed is 70 Kmpl and turning radius is just 3.5 meters.

     A first look at the vehicle reminds us of a comic character but as you inch closer you can find the maximum practicality of this vehicle. Bajaj has stuck to the basic and has worked in every aspect to make this a low cost vehicle. The window glass on doors does not roll down but is split into two with the lower half dropping down. The instrument cluster is also basic with speedo and couple of other indicators. There is absence of a head rest on the front seats and the rear seats remind you of the 3 wheeler’s. As Bajaj has played safe by saying that it is a 4 wheel city vehicle and not a car, the RE60 will soon replace the 3 wheeled auto rickshaws which has served the country for more than 4 decades. However the company has not revealed the price and said it will be announced when the vehicle will go into production in few months time.

Bajaj RE60 more pictures

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indianist said...

Bajaj RE60 looks nice and it can surely replace the autos…..can think about buying one if I know the price for home use….

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