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Next Generation Innova 2014 – what to expect?

It was a surprise move by Toyota to see Innova succeeding the highly successful Qualis. If not Toyota, any other company would have sold Qualis and Innova together given the amount of success the Qualis got to Toyota in India. Because of this Toyota commands a high brand value as the company did not want to continue two decade old vehicle in the form of Qualis.

Come 2005, this part of the world (South East Asia) saw a world class product called Innova. The Innova was designed for South East Asian countries, which could give comfort of a sedan yet can accommodate 7 passengers. The Innova indeed looked ahead of the generation with its aerodynamic design and class leading performance. No wonder it has dominated the segment in India since its inception. But the time is not the same now, as the leader is beginning to feel the heat from its competitors. First it was the Xylo and now the Ertiga from Maruti which is giving run for its money for Innova.

Compare the Innova with its rivals, and still it stays ahead in many aspects such as performance and comfort. But the crucial aspect here in India is the fuel efficiency and “yeh dil mange more” attitude of the customers. The Innova lacks the punch in its engine, the bulky 2.5L D-4D which is a generation old need to be upgraded. Though Innova seats 7, still the interior space seems to be cramped by big Indian families. And the design, it has been a common sight on the Indian roads, thanks to its volume sold. So the Innova indeed need an upgrade and Toyota also seems to think so. Toyota has officially announced that in 2014 we will get the next generation Innova which will be better than its preceder in all aspects. So what can you expect in the 2014 Toyota Innova.
This is just an illustrated picture and not the original Innova 2014 

The next generation Innova will be slightly larger in dimensions. It will maintain the aerodynamic theme but the design will see a major revamp, perhaps in the history of Toyota. The will be an advanced diesel engine probably a 2L one with improved fuel efficiency and power. Due to change in dimensions, the comfort level will also be improved and expect the new Innova to seat 3 adults at the 3rd row of seats. Toyota will seriously think to reduce the manufacturing cost to keep the vehicle competitive; otherwise a gem of a car is surely going to perish (like that of Fortuner). Any thoughts......???

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Anonymous said...

toyota should immmidiatly introduce the 6th generation innova in 2013 itself

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