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Honda teases it’s all new “Compact Urban SUV concept”

Honda may not be a well known brand in SUVs, but it is definitely making efforts to be known among the big daddy SUV segment. Honda has released a teaser picture of a small SUV which it calls as “Compact Urban SUV concept” to be positioned below the CR-V. The Honda Urban SUV concept will be shown at Detroit Auto Show commencing on 14th of January next year.

In its press release, Honda has mentioned that the Compact Urban SUV is a global concept combining a sporty and dynamic SUV profile with a spacious and functional interior. The concept is based on Jazz platform and from the teaser picture it is evident that Honda has retained its futuristic design philosophy. A diesel option as well as a hybrid variant is also likely to be added to make the compact SUV compatible in the market.

Though the Urban SUV is aimed at US markets, Honda might bring it to the other parts of the world, say India. Honda has officially not revealed anything about the product in its future plans for India; we think Honda might bring the vehicle to India sooner or later.

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Angela said...

I feel that people will like this compact version of an SUV because it is probably a lot easier to navigate.

Antonio Vercelli said...

very nice design. But I don`t believe that in nearest future we can see smth similar from Honda on our streets

Antonio Vercelli said...

Will we ever see the real model like this on our streets?

Lane Daniels said...

In case of small utility vehicles,Honda is the number one brand.But it has failed to be the best SUV vehicle in the market.Honda has just released the pictures of a small utility vehicle is sporty dynamic,spacious,functional interior.They have only released the official view not the car.Soon they will be releasing the car.

Tom Glover said...

Oh, yes! Perhaps Honda may not be a well known brand in SUVs, I believe that it is one of the big daddy SUV segments.

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