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Top 5 Mahindra Scorpio Models

Nowadays many cars with diverse features are available in the market. These cars are fully loaded with advanced technology and their interior is excellently designed. Mahindra is one of the manufacturers of cars in India having various models with varied features. Their models are amazingly structured and engines are more powerful to drive in all conditions. One of their products is Scorpio available in the market in several models. M&M (Mahindra & Mahindra) Ltd is around 6 billion dollars corporation.

The plant of Scorpio car is located at Nasik, Maharashtra. Mahindra Scorpio is available in various segments. The present models of this 4 door car are available with SUV (Sport utility vehicle) feature. Scorpio is the most successful product of Mahindra Company. This stylish car has been appreciated by consumers.

The early version of Mahindra Scorpio got popularity because of its design and power. Today many models are available in the market for buyers. Today this company is having dealership in many countries like Brazil and South Africa. Demand in South Africa is increasing as the car is able to run in mud and forest areas without much trouble. The balance and the capacity of car makes it more demanding product than other cars of India.

There are many models of Scorpio but top 5 that are more in demand are:
1.      Mahindra Scorpio SLE: this is the model comes in top of Scorpio. This model is available with diesel engine and its cost is 10.03 Lakh. 12 km/litre mileage is good enough with this heavy car and its balance in curves and turning allow driver to move smoothly.
2.      Mahindra Scorpio VLX: this fully loaded high end model is having diesel engine with option airbags. Its average cost is 10.95 Lakh and available with rain sensor.
3.      Mahindra Scorpio LX: next model existing for costumer is Scorpio LX having diesel engine. It gives mileage of 12 km per litre and average cost is 8.69 Lakh.
4.      Mahindra Scorpio EX:  Company is using hybrid technology in all models of Scorpio. Ex model is available with same technology having diesel providing good mileage of 13.5 km/pl. Consumers have to spend 8.07 Lakh rupees to get this car.
5.      Mahindra Gateway: this is the Luxury SUV model of Scorpio having all advanced features. This diesel car is best for commercial use and its price is approx 9 Lakh. Gateway car is available with two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive variants.

Mahindra cars are best in comfort and their smooth drive makes it first choice for youth generation. Their cars are available in most of the showrooms and buyers can do the test drive to check the comfort level of the car. Mahindra Company is offering loan feature for their customers so those who have some limitations with budget can refer the loan to get their dream car. EMI calculation can be done through calculators available on the authorised website of Mahindra. However, there are other firms and banks offering car loans that buyer can go for.

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