Maruti’s SX4 replacement YL1 sedan caught on road for the first time

Next Generation Maruti Suzuki SX4 codenamed YL1 spied in India. Will it turn around Maruti Suzuki’s future, like the Swift did?

Few days back we had posted about an all new sedan, being developed by Maruti Suzuki to replace the aging SX4. The new car codenamed YL1 has been spied for the first time on Indian soil with some heavy camouflage.

The spy car was found by a reader and from picture you can see hardly make out any curves on the car. From the concept car picture which was released some months ago, the YL1 sedan has some curves and creases which have been missing in Maruti Suzuki vehicles. As the car market is flooded with cars with curves and creases on the body lines, a similar design language is the hour of need to which Maruti Suzuki has tried to answer. This new design concept is named Suzuki Aesthetic concept revealed few months ago in Japan.

More details of the car like engine and body specs, features etc is still remote. There will likelihood of sharing of parts from Swift and Ertiga to keep the cost competitive. We feel Maruti Suzuki desperately need a car in this segment which could look good and have a status symbol and the YL1 concept perfectly suits the recipe. Keep tuned as we try to get more details about the YL1 or the next generation SX4 soon...

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