Ecclestone says double the points for the last three F1 races

Formula 1’s boss Bernie Ecclestone has said he wishes to go even further with his already controversial double-points system by extending it to the final three races of the F1 season.
This has gone down like a lead balloon with most constructors and drivers. The new scheme had already been brought in for the last grand prix of the forthcoming season in Abu Dhabi. But now Ecclestone wants to add in the previous two grands prix in America and Brazil.

This really puts the cat amongst the pigeons for the betting market – particularly when you consider the sweeping changes now required for the F1 new season. And it could spell good news for those of us who like to spice things up a little with a wager.

Of course, the new suggestion to make all three races double is an attempt to keep this interesting for as long as possible in the drivers’ championship race. In this way, it’s testament to the dominance of Red Bull and Sebastian Vettel. The Red Bull German ace had won two of the last three F1 drivers’ championships with three or more races remaining.

But things could be very different this year and the points system changes could make it even more so. So if you’re looking for a punt on a Formula One season bet on an outsider – now seems the ideal time to do it because frankly – anything is possible under the new technical regulations and potential points system.

If ever a team was going to end Red Bull’s dominance, this is the big chance to do it – yet Vettel still dominates the betting with the world’s largest betting exchange, Betfair. This seems to make little sense – so it’s time to pick out a lively outsider thanks to Ecclestone’s changes.

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