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Next generation Honda Brio by 2017, to get diesel power

        Honda has not got the success it expected with Brio in India. Honda Brio is an excellent car with dynamic and futuristic looks coupled with brilliant engineering in interior space management. However the car did not gel well with the Indian customers due to it sophisticated looks and the high price it commanded.

        Honda has announced it will bring in the next generation Brio in the year 2017. The new Brio is expected to sport a new name and will have radical styling to please the Indian customers. The new Brio will also likely to get a diesel engine, probably a scaled down 3 cylinder unit version of Honda’s 1.5L i-DTech diesel mill.

        Honda was some time ago testing the diesel engine in the Brio in India. But the plans to fit it in current Brio have been shelved due to high NVH levels which was unacceptable by Honda standards. The new Brio will be designed according to the small diesel engine and NVH levels will be kept low to match the company’s standards. We expect the next generation Brio to be more spacious and attractive as well like Honda’s other cars in India. 
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