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The modern day cars are very different from the old time cars. The research in the automobile industry has brought about a lot of changes in the design of a modern car. New systems and modern gadgets have enhanced the comfort and safety levels of the modern vehicles. In olden days the driver used to control the vehicle with his common sense. The technology has advanced so much that nowadays the driver is just a supervisor watching the machine.

Comfort enhancements

The automobile technology has developed so much nowadays that there are a lot of new features to improve the comfort of the passengers. For example a few years ago there were no automatic wipers, adjustable head lights, power windows or electrically adjustable ORVMs. The air conditioning systems, infotainment systems, reverse parking assistance, Bluetooth connectivity; GPS navigation system, night vision mirrors and the cruise control are some of the recently developed features.

Automation in vehicles

The new inventions especially in the electronic and hydraulic fields have great impacts in the automobile industry. The automatic transmission is one important technology developed as early as in 1930s. Most of the cars of the future will have some sort of automatic transmission like the torque convertor, Continuous Variable Torque (CVT) technology and the popular AMT system. Electronic controls will play important roles in the future.

Safety enhancements

Safety of a car has improved a lot because of the new technologies adopted. An air bag which gives a cushioning effect to the passengers has been used since 1941. The modern air bag has been introduced first by Mercedes Benz in automobileplanet.com1981 in Germany. Many more safety features like the Anti-lock Brake System, the Brake Assist, the Electronic Brake Force Distribution and the engine immobiliser are quite common in the latest cars. 
Modern engines

The researches in the automobile engineering have helped in making fuel efficient engines using technologies like Turbo-charging, Variable Valve Timing, Electronic Injection and multi-jet injection. Hybrid cars and cars running on alternate fuel are the vehicles of the future. 

Add-on gadgets

The advancements in the electronic fields have resulted in the development of gadgets which can be fitted later in any models to improve the comfort and safety levels. The voice recognition system, reverse parking cameras, portable GPS systems, mobile phone assisted navigation and parking and plug-in music systems are some such systems which can be added using gadgets.   

Driverless cars

The automobile technology has developed so much that the future vehicles will be driverless. All the functions a driver is supposed to do will be done by RADARs, LASERs and cameras with the help of electronic controls. Leading information technology companies like Google and the Apple are the pioneers in this field.

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