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Thrifty DIY Car Repairs You Can Manage Yourself

Taking your car to the local auto repair center might be convenient but when you realize how much you could have saved if you had got under the hood yourself you might think twice before making that booking.

Some major car repairs need some professional guidance to be done properly and safely but there are plenty of basic tasks and regular maintenance activities that you could manage by yourself, helping to cut the cost of motoring down considerably.

Save money on regular maintenance and repairs

You might be tempted to save as much money as possible by skipping some regular maintenance tasks and leaving repairs until something goes wrong, but that often turns out to be a false economy.

Changing the oil every 7,000 miles or so is a real no-brainer. It prolongs the life of your car and the cost of your time and some new oil is nothing compared to a major engine repair.

Keeping your tires properly inflated is another essential activity. It saves wear and tear and improves your car’s driving performance when your tires are at the right pressure.

Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty

Fear of doing something wrong can hold some people back from getting their hands dirty and tackling an auto repair job but there are many tasks that are much easier than you imagine.

A classic example would be replacing the brake pads on your vehicle.

You want to do it right for safety’s sake, of course, but with a wheel lug wrench, a jack, and some pliers, plus a set of brake pads and anything else that can be found here, you could spend almost ten times less compared to a typical auto repair bill, by doing the job yourself.

Each new pad should be good for at least 30,000 miles, and if you follow the instruction manual for your car or an online tutorial, you will most likely wonder why you have been sending the car to the repair center all these years.

Spark plugs are easy

You could easily land yourself with a big repair bill if you get someone else to change the spark plugs but the cost of doing this job yourself is many times less, and not that difficult.

Modern spark plugs are capable of lasting for up to 100,000 miles so you won’t have to be under the hood for this task that often. However, when you consider that the cost of buying and changing the spark plugs by yourself is only about 10% of a typical auto repair bill, it is well worth getting the spark plug wrench in your hand and following an easy set of instructions.

Keeping a lid on the annual cost of motoring is a challenge but by doing regular and easy auto maintenance yourself, like replacing the oil, changing oil and air filters, windshield wiper blades, and a number of other easy tasks, you could save a decent stash of cash.
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