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A Driver's Best Friend: These 5 Car Care Products Will Make Your Vehicle Shine

Sprucing up your ride? There are plenty car care products on the market to help you do it but knowing which ones to use can be a challenge. Like, do you really need wax AND polish?

We’ll answer that question as we look at 5 types of products to give your vehicle an awesome shine!

Car Wash Soap
Car wash soap is meant to clean all kinds of outdoor dirt and grime from your vehicle without damaging the automotive paint or removing the wax. Avoid liquid detergents, dish cleaners, and anything other than car wash soap.
There are some pricey car wash soaps but, if you shop around, you’ll find affordable brands that do a good job. Some brands include wax but they won’t be necessary if you intend to give your car a good waxing after washing.

Wash Mitts
“Clean” is the operative word when it comes to wash mitts. Always start with a clean mitt and clean it after ever use. Also, keep the mitts used for washing the paint, windows and wheels separate. Some experts even suggest using different mitts for the upper and (usually dirtier) lower sections of the vehicle.

The preferred mitt materials are microfiber and lambswool. Microfiber mitts are much cheaper and work very well at grabbing and holding dirt.

Glass Cleaners
Grimy windshields, windows and mirrors are a safety hazard. Don’t be tempted to use household window and glass cleaners on them, however, as these contain ammonia which can damage the surface of your automobile’s glass.
Look for auto glass cleaners which are haze and streak free. There are also those which go beyond simply removing dirt. They add a protective layer to the glass to help repel dirt. Or, you could go with self-cleaning windows, instead.

Wheel Cleaners
Wheels tend to be the dirtiest parts of your car. To spruce them up, you’ll need a cloth (used only on the wheels), a scrub brush and a cleaner designed specifically for wheels. Plus, the wheel cleaner you buy should be formulated for your type of wheels. Strong cleaners like those for chrome, aluminum or mag wheels are too harsh for other types. If in doubt, go with a wheel cleaner labelled safe for all wheel types.

Car Wax and Polish
Car polish is abrasive and it smooths out the paint and protective coat as you rub it on. This causes the paint to reflect light more evenly. In other words, it makes the car shine! Wax is also shiny but it’s non-abrasive and adds a protective layer against UV rays, dust, acid rain and other airborne pollutants.

It’s recommended that you wax every couple of months and go a little longer between polishing. Car waxes you should consider if you want to keep your vehicle looking bright till its next polish, are those called cleaner waxes. They contain very fine abrasives for an extra shine.
Everyone can appreciate that few things are as satisfying as rolling out in a car that’s clean and shiny, inside and out. So, grab your wax AND polish, add a little elbow grease and bring on that shine!
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