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The Wind in Your Hair: 3 Compelling Reasons to Get a Motorbike

Don’t discount the wind in your hair. It’s one sign of the fun in riding a motorcycle. You should wear a helmet of course, but you’ll still wind up with that somehow attractive hairstyle.

Motorcycles are selling well, so there must be something more attractive than hairstyles. As Popular Mechanics says, “Nobody really has to buy a motorcycle. But these days plenty of people want to. And you may be one of them. Before you plunk down your money, swing your leg over the seat and feel that warm breeze of freedom, you need to resolve several critical issues.”

3 compelling reasons to get a motorbike:

1.      A motorcycle makes great commuter sense. If you must drive to and from work daily, a motorcycle will get you there faster and cheaper. It will also start and end your day with more fun.
City, suburb, or country, your motorbike will get you to work around and through routine traffic or traffic jams. With a motorcycle, you have command of more road and can maneuver to your advantage while cars are stuck steaming in their lanes.

You’ll park easier and cheaper in designated bike parking areas and arrive at work early. If your job calls for you to visit multiple sites, the bike is even more convenient.

Burning up that much road in short time is more fuel efficient than cars, SUVs, or trucks. For example, a Honda Africa CRF1000L DCT gets 45 mpg, Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster offers 50 mpg., and Zero SR ZF14.4 is the first all-electric bike with a range of 200 miles.

And, while you are outperforming other vehicles, you have a far different commuting experience. You ride with a different focus and freedom than other drivers, and you enjoy the trip more — in good weather.

2.      The biker experience changes you. Riding a motorcycle puts you in touch with the road, nature, and people in a different way.

In addition to saving fuel, your cycle reduces your carbon footprint and adds fewer pollutants. It taxes highways, bridges, and the travel infrastructure less. And, it gives you access to roads you haven’t used before and places you’ve yet to visit.

When you ride, you relate to the bike, the road, and the world differently. You are alone without kids in the back seat or faceless voices conducting business from your infotainment center. You lean into angles, curves, and lane splitting with a heightened focus and excitement worth writing home about.

Adventure motorcycling (ADV) involves touring hidden back roads and unpaved trails. As the LA Times reports, “Now, ADV riding has warmed to the boiling point. The niche segment, which in 2011 accounted for only 5% of motorcycle sales, has grown to 10%.”

And, solitary as your ride may be, you meet the most interesting people. Wannabes want to talk about the bike. Veterans want to compare notes. And, rider clubs want members. The cycle becomes the topic of conversation for people from all walks of life.

3.      A motorbike makes you cool. Regardless of age or gender, anyone who straddles a bike sees themselves as Marlon Brando, Steve McQueen, Peter Fonda, or other icons from celebrity cycling. And, those new riders will outfit themselves in top-dollar leathers and gear.

But, they don’t needn’t buy their way into stardom. Family, friends, and strangers will view them with envy for doing something they have always wanted to do. They envy you the adventure and freedom. And, they envy your courage to be “different” in their terms.

What they should recognize is how your confidence and self-possession have improved. What they see as “cool” are your strength in being connected, your independence from the norm, and your comfort with the risk.

Shopping for the wind in your hair

There are more motorcycle brands and models than ever. And, there is always an inventory of used motorcycles with enough variety in size, style, power, and features to attract first-time buyers and expert riders, too.
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