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Helpful Tips for Buying Used Car Parts Online

Modern cars last longer than ever before. Thanks to innovative technology and superior maintenance routines, the average length of car ownership has gone up by about 60 percent in the past decade.

While this is true, cars still need repairs and part replacements from time to time. While drivers can opt for new parts, there’s another option. Simply choose used auto parts. Learn some tips on how to buy used auto parts and extend the lifespan of any vehicle here.

Find a Reliable Seller

When trying to find car parts for sale the first thing to consider is the actual seller. Make sure the seller used has good reviews from other customers and that they provide accurate information about the parts for sale.

In addition to finding a quality seller, do a bit of price-comparing, too. Research the parts needed and how much they cost new. Then, begin browsing online to see what the average cost is for the same part that’s pre-owned.

Keep in mind, when buying parts online, the photos available aren’t always clear and concise. As a result, it’s important to ask plenty of questions or request better photos prior to making a purchase.

Verify the Part’s ID

Regardless of what parts needed, no matter how common it is, it’s important to know the precise identification. A buyer can match the part they want to buy with their vehicle’s VIN or the chassis number.

If there’s no number on the part, and no way to determine it’s the part that’s needed, buying from another seller, who’s offering verifiable parts, is a better option.

Get to Know the History of the Used Part

Avoid buying a lemon by taking the time to get to know the history of the part. While many parts seem perfect from the outside, they could have a crack or defect that results in failure or malfunction in the future. This leaves the driver having to purchase the same part all over again.
Find out the age of the part, number of miles on it, if it’s undergone repairs, or been rebuilt or modified in any way. If the person selling the part is unable to answer these questions, make sure the price reflects this uncertainty.

Return Policies

Don’t ever purchase a used auto part from a seller who doesn’t offer a return policy. There’s no amount of savings that is worth the potential of being stuck with a part that doesn’t work. Always read the policy carefully and take note of any exclusions or exceptions.

Some sellers only cover used parts for a specific amount of time. An example of this would be a seller providing a 30 day warranty from the date of purchase. Many online sellers often charge high restocking fees, too, so knowing this ahead of time is beneficial.

Warranty Considerations

Even car wreckers add a warranty to any used part purchase. Make sure to carefully read the warranty coverage provided with the part.

Some online used part sellers include terms and catches to their warranties, so reading carefully is advisable.

Fining the Needed Part

There’s no question that purchasing a used auto part can help a driver save a significant amount of money. While this is true, there are less-than-honest sellers out there. Using the tips and information here can minimize the possibility of getting a bad deal.

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