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Toyota Etios user experience and complaints

     We came across the website where in Etios owners have expressed their views and complaints. The author of the website Mr. Munish Ahuja in his article points out the cost saving factor of Toyota by not having a water gasket on the doors leads to lots of problems. Firstly there is chance of water leakage when it rains and Mr. Munish says, the absence of the gaskets will makes it convenient for insects, cockroaches, ants, spiders and lizards to get inside the vehicle as soon as the door is opened. A good thought which Toyota did not think. Secondly these gaskets will reduce the noise and vibrations inside the cabin, so without the gaskets Eitos is not quite enough as it should have been. Mr. Munish has demonstrated the vibrations of Etios in his video as well.

     Apart from the views of the author, there is lot of comments posted on the site. We feel the site is a must visit for not just Etios owners but to all who are planning to buy a car, not necessarily the Etios. Such user experience website will help the car buyers in making good decisions.

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