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Nissan Micra DIG-S with powerful gasoline engine

     Nissan has come up with a new powerful petrol engine for its small car Micra. Christened Micra DIG-S, the car gets a supercharged gasoline 1.2L engine that develops power equivalent to that of a 1.5L engine. Apart from extra power the supercharged engine is easier on the environment as wel, the engine will emit only 95g/Km of CO2. Nissan claims the DIG-S (Direct Injection Gasoline-Supercharger) engine gives fuel efficiency of 24.39 Kmpl with power delivery as high as 97 Bhp.

Nissan Micra DIG-S Engine Features
  • Innovative technology for low emissions, excellent economy and strong performance
  • Advanced all-new ‘Pure Drive’ low friction three-cylinder engine
  • 1.2-litres, 72kW (98PS), 12 valves, Direct Injection Gasoline-Supercharger (DIG-S)
  • Miller cycle and supercharged for ultimate efficiency and performance
  • Ultra-low CO2 emissions: just 95g/km
  • Start/Stop system
  • Diesel-like economy with petrol engine power and refinement and no diesel cost surcharge
  • Low cost of ownership
Press Release:

Nissan is just as committed to reducing emissions from cars powered by the internal combustion engine as it is to developing new zero emission electric vehicles. The Micra DIG-S showcases how far our engineers have come.

“It is clear that our new Direct Injection Gasoline-Supercharger engine offers the best solution for small cars like Micra. With instant throttle response, its performance and strong economy are a more than a match for any diesel engine with similar power outputs, but its emissions performance is much better.”

We have been able to achieve this ultra low CO2 figure in a cost effective package and without the complication of particulate filters needed to clean up diesel engine emissions and which are not entirely compatible with a car that spends much of its life in the city said Pierre Loing, Vice President Product Strategy and Planning, Nissan International SA.

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