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Volkswagen to sell A-Star under its brand globally

     First of all let us remind that last year VW bought a substantial 20% stake in Suzuki Motor Company. The deal was seen as a mutual understanding to benifit both the companies. Though no future plans were revealed by the two companies, lots of speculations about technology transfer were anticipated.

One such thing is the sale of Suzuki small cars under Volkswagen brand. According to latest reports Volkswagen will sell Suzuki A Star which is popular grobally already under its own brand name. That is A Star will be sold as Volkswagen A Star worldwide. Currently A Star is manufactured in Maruti Suzuki's plant in India and exported to other parts of the world. Maruti Suzuki also manufacture A Star for Nissan which is sold globally as Nissan Pixo.

Volkswagen will be benifit with low cost small car manufacturing expertise of Suzuki. Volkswagen's sister company Skoda Auto is also likely to use its brand on some of the Suzuki smalls. With these development it looks obvious that VW is determined to dethrone Totoya as world's No. 1 automobile manufacturer by 2018.

Though this is not official, Suzuki might get access to VW's technologically advanced diesel engines. Currently Suzuki has only 1.3L multijet engine sourced from Fiat for its small cars and the company is finding difficult to fit the same engine is the mid-sized sedan as well. With the access to VW's diesel engines Suzuki will have an option to power its mid-sized saloons with a diesel mill, the main segment which it is lacking in. Though SX4 diesel has been launched, the company feels insecured as the cometititors are offereing a bigger and powerful diesel engine. The latest entry from Maruti Suzuki 'Kizashi' might as well get a VW diesel engine in future.
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