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Mahindra W201 SUV spied again, now in Bangalore

     Mahindra’s W201 SUV is in the news every alternate days these days. IAB reader Vijayakumar could snap the Mahindra W201 being tested in Bangalore. Mahindra is extensively testing the vehicle to sort out all the niggles before its launch. By the size it is evident that Mahindra will position it to rival Toyota Fortuner and Ford Endeavour. Expect the W201 to be priced around Rs. 16-17 lakh.

     The W201 is the Global SUV from Mahindra. With minor alterations it can be sold in other markets as well. US market is the one Mahindra is aiming for and the W201 project holds a lot to the company’s future plans abroad.

     The W201 is expected to be powered by the Scorpio’s 2.2 liter CRDI engine coupled to both automatic and manual transmissions. A micro hybrid could also be expected soon after the launch. The monocoque chassis and front wheel drive with horizontally mounted engine is one of the salient feature of W201.

     Mahindra has tried to give W201 a unique design. This is evident from the door handles and the arch over the rear quarter glass. The tail lights have barrel bulges like the recent Scorpio. Interiors is also been designed to meet the latest trends.
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