Premier Rio 1.3L Multijet diesel, would you buy?

     Yes, you are thinking right. Premier Rio with a Fiat 1.3L Multijet diesel engine would become a reality soon. Premier is in discussions with various engine manufacturers, including FIAT, for a Euro 4 engine. Trails with these engines are already on and the company is satisfied with the performance. However the confirmation to use a new diesel engine is Rio will be done shortly.

     Rio, the only mini SUV in the market was launched in late 2009. It struggled to take off since its launch, thanks to its outdated 1.5 liter turbocharged engine with 65 PS of power and 152 Nm of torque. The outdated engine and lack of brand value made people hesitated to buy the product. However the company claims that the launch of Rio was an experiment to guage the mini SUV in the market. Well for the company’s experiment, why should the people pay their hard earned money? These automakers have to do their homework before they launch a product. After all they are not selling pea nuts. What do you say?
Source: Inputs from IAB

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