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Renault Scala, the rebadged Nissan Sunny for India

     It is indeed a good news to hear that Renault is launching a sedan in India by the mid of this year. But again Renault has disappointed us because the sedan named Scala will be the same Nissan Sunny with a Renault badge.

     The Scala will be powered by the same Sunny’s 1.5L diesel engine. Only the diesel version is expected to be launched though Renault has not ruled out petrol Scala at a later date. Like the Pulse, the Scala is expected to have some cosmetic changes to differentiate it from Sunny and the changes will be minimal in the form of redesigned bumpers and grill.

     With Scala, the Renault-Nissan alliance seems to be going strong in India. To avoid cannibalization Renault will price the Scala little higher than the Sunny. At last what we have to say is, just by changing the name and bumpers you cannot make us believe that a new car is being launched. Renault has failed once; don’t know why they are repeating the mistakes. Renault, are u hearing? 

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