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Mahindra to reopen XUV500 bookings from June 8th

     Mahindra will reopen XUV500 bookings from June 8th 2012. This is the third time, the bookings of XUV500 have been opened, and the first two was closed after a strong response from the customers. This time the SUV will be available across India which earlier was restricted to 19 cities.

     Mahindra received over 25,000 bookings in the first eight months of XUV500 launch of which around 7,200 vehicles have been delivered. Mahindra has ramped up the production capacity to 3000 vehicles per month in January 2012 which will to go up to 4000 per month soon.

     Mahindra was played carefully with the XUV500 launch after the failure of Xylo MUV. Unlike the Xylo, XUV500 production capacity was built for small volumes which could later be ramped further. Till now XUV500 has got good response from the customers, but still Mahindra has to improve the quality of its vehicles to compete against International players. 

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Unknown said...

A good.strategy to safe guard your pricing. But my dear competition is not sleeping.they will take immediate advantage of your this situation and snatch these people with products equivalent to xuv500. Just wait and watch Maruti, Toyota, GM and skoda have already planned their new/upgraded mpv launch in next 3 month to compete against XUV500 at better or equivalent pricing. This may work in short run, but its not a long term solution. If you want to rule the roads INCREASE YOUR PRODUCTION TO MEET SUPPLY. No other option.BUT I am sure this car will rock and grab good market share and good will for Mahindra..

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