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Toyota to launch eight new compact models in emerging markets

     Japanese automotive giant Toyota Motor Corporation, seems to be bullish on the emerging markets like India, Brazil and China. It has plans to launch eight new compact models by the next 3 years and wants to account its 50% sales through these emerging markets.

     Toyota is currently the largest automobile manufacturer in the world. With strong competition from General Motors and Volkswagen, Toyota looks at emerging markets to create volumes to stay at the top.

     Toyota recently showed three compact car concepts at the 12th Beijing Auto Show. The eight new models planned will be based on these concepts. The Toyota Dear Qin which is global strategic concept with its futuristic styling could change the Toyota’s design philosophy which till now was bland and boring. The production version of the models will look closer to the concept to stay in tune with the global design trends.
Having seen the success with its Etios series, Toyota is planning to ramp Etios production at its second plant at Bidadi from 1.2 lakh to 2.1 lakh units by early 2013. Expect Toyota to launch new cars in India on Dear Qin concepts very soon. 

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Nanis Thomson said...

Toyota is now the leading brand and trying to expand its markets in the BRIC countries. Even it is planning to launch eight new cars which is amazing.

Anonymous said...

Toyota lost its World No. 1 position to General Motors last year. To regain the position it has to launch new models and increase its sales, hence 8 new models will be launched soon.

Thomas Anderson said...

No doubt Toyota has spell bounded every body in 12th Beijing Auto Show has show casting its 8 new models.And it could also be affordable by all people hence increasing its sales after the Etios series.

Sanchee said...

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