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Hyundai Eon facelift spied

Hot competition prompts Hyundai to give a facelift to the new Eon 

Hyundai Eon was launched in India in October 2011, and in less than 2 years, the Eon is getting ready for a facelift. A Eon with heavily camouflaged front and rear end has been spotted near Chennai along with next generation i10 and i20. The launch of striped down Nissan Micra Active, the Datsun go slated for early next year launch and the news of Alto getting facelift has prompted Hyundai to give a facelift to Eon to stay in the competition.

Hyundai Eon was launched mainly to rival Maruti Alto, but some how the price of Eon goes up to Rs. 4.5 lakh which is too high for the competition. The Eon with its size, design and fuel efficiency won hearts of many customers. The beautiful fluidic sculpture design of Eon makes it one of the beautiful cars on road today.

Rumour of a diesel engine on Eon is going around the web. If indeed the diesel mill gets into the Eon, it will be 1.1L 3 cylinder one, probably the downsized engine of 1.4L of i20. More details of the car is still bleak, but one think is for sure, Hyundai will have series of new launches in coming days in the form of Eon facelift, next generation i10 and also all new i20 which is supposed to be a notchback.

Stay tuned as we are trying to get more details of news Hyundais in India...

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