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The Mini Classic, greatest British car of all time?

Timeless Classic

What would you consider the greatest British car of all time? The Land Rover? Jaguar? Oh, of coursethe Austin Mini- according to a poll carried out by Autocar.

The Mini is a vehicle that’s demand has never really slumped; in fact it’s on the rise. By 2015, the UK will be producing two million Austin Minis, beating the previous record of 1.92 million manufactured in the year of 1972. It’s a car so popular abroad, that 80% of the vehicles produced will be exported.

The Austin Mini, designed by Alec Issigonis more than 10-foot long and yet would be able to seat four adults. Despite how we recognise the vehicle today, it only began to gain popularity when celebrities started to drive it and after the famous film The Italian Job (1969).

It’s a British icon described as “was one of the most remarkable cars ever built”- Autocar editor, Steve Cropley.

[images courtesy of newspress from Mini World Magazine]
Mini Cooper S

[image courtesy of newspress]
Mini: A Century of car-making in Oxford

[image courtesy of newspress from British Motor Industry Heritage Trust]
First production of the Mini Minor- 1959

[image courtesy of newspress from CMW Imaging]
Birmingham gets a taste of the original Italian Job

[image courtesy of Scott Edwards on Flickr]
Mr Bean Mini in a police chase - Goodwood Revival 2009

[image courtesy of newspress]
Last Longbridge Mini up for sale- recovered from the Longbridge tunnels in 2012

[image courtesy of newspress]
The all-new MINI Paceman

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