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Renault developing a new small car concept ‘Value Up’

This is not the actual picture of the Value Up concept.
Shown here just for reference
        French auto maker Renault is developing a small car/hatchback concept called ‘Value Up’. The ‘Value Up’ concept will be lightweight, efficient and will keep the costs lower for the company. It is being worked upon purely for research purpose to help develop future models.

        The ‘Value Up’ concept is built on a new 3.8 m length platform and is likely to underpin some of the future cars from Renault. The concept fits between Renault Twingo and Clio models.

        The concept makes use abundant of bamboo in the cabin to lower the weight. It weighs 830 Kg and is supposed to be powered by a 1.0 three cylinder petrol engine.
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Honda unveils all new Fuel Cell Vehicle concept in Japan

        Honda has unveiled an all new Fuel Cell Vehicle concept in Japan which is expected to be launched in Japanese market by early 2016. Honda aims to sell the FCV concept in international markets as well, especially North America and Europe in future.

        Honda FCV concept is the second concept from Honda. The first being the FCX Clarity which was shown at Los Angeles Auto Show 2013.

        The FCV is powered by an electric motor which does 134 bhp, an increase in 60% compared to the FCX Clarity. The fuel stack size of FCV concept has also been reduced by 33%.

        According to Honda, FCV is the first vehicle to feature an entire fuel cell powertrain in its engine bay. Honda claims FCV can do 482 Km with full tank of fuel and refuelling time has been redued to just 3 to 5 minutes.

        Competing FCV concept will be Toyota’s fuel cell car Mirai, and Hyundai’s hydrogen powered ix35.
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Ford Ecosport Storm, Beauty and Beast concepts showed at Brazil Motor Show

          Ford Ecosport has been most popular SUV in India at present. The muscular looking Ford will definitely turn heads in the traffic. Now Ford h as showed 3 new concepts of Ecosport named Ecosport Storm, Beauty & Beast which give much more appeal to the car. Here are the features of the three Ecosport concepts:

Ford Ecosport Storm:

Design cues taken from F150 Raptor pickup truck
Brings power and strength of Ford’s range
Very nice integration of Ford nomenlceature on the radiator grill
Blue exterior paint with blackened bonned
Plastic Body cladding
15 inch alloy wheels and high profile 215/75 off-road tyres.

Ford Ecosport Beast:

Not as rugged as Storm but looks muscular
Pearlescent Speed White with Black decals supported by brightly coloured red orange and blue accents
Three horizontal metallic bars on the grill
LED fog lamps enclosure, roof and bonnet scoopBlackened 18 inch alloy wheels with black body cladding and black inserts in the head lamps cluster

Ford Ecosport Beauty:

Brilliant Copper Stardust matte finish paint scheme
LED daytime running lights in place of the fog lamps, next to the radiator protector cum air dam
18 inch silver alloy wheels contrasted with a blackened rooftop
Four armchair style seats with leather upholstery

DVD screens and multimedia infotainment system assisted with GPS
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Suzuki Alivio concept shown at Beijing Motor Show 2014

        Suzuki unveiled Alivio sedan concept at the Beijing Motor Show 2014. The Alivio concept was showed as Ciaz at New Delhi earlier this year at the Auto Expo.

        The Alivio/Ciaz concept is built on Suzuki’s new theme ‘Sporty and Noble’ which uses smooth curves with sharp character lines. The broad grill and multi function headlamp is the hallmark of the new theme.

        According to the sources, the Alivio concept when goes into production in China, will be powered by a 1.5L 4 cylinder petrol engine. The dimensions of the car are 4545mm long, 1730mm wide and 1475mm tall. 


Suzuki Alivio/Ciaz concept Promotional Video

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Suzuki iV-4 concept SUV unveiled at Frankfurt Motor Show 2013

Maruti’s mini SUV, the Alfa XA will be built on Suzuki iV-4 concept

Suzuki unveiled an out-of-the-age SUV iV-4 concept at the ongoing Frankfurt Motor Show 2013. The Suzuki iV-4 concept forms the base of the compact SUV, which Maruti Suzuki is planning to launch in India. Earlier Maruti Suzuki had showed a mini SUV concept named Alpha XA  with looks very similar to the iV-4 concept.

The usage of ‘i’ in the vehicle/concept name has become a common term by automobile manufacturers these days. Hyundai and BMW are the other two companies which uses ‘i’ in their vehicle naming trend. Eg: Hyundai i10, i20 etc and BMW i3 and i8. Here in Suzuki iV-4 concept, the ‘i’ stands for individuality, V stands for Vehicle and the 4 represents all wheel drive system. With Suzuki iV-4 concept, Suzuki launches an all new all wheel drive technology termed “Allgrip”. According to the company “Allgrip” will offer a combination of design and off-road performance that goes beyond a typical city SUV.

Though Suzuki iV-4 concept is an all wheel drive vehicle, Maruti’s mini SUV in India might not get the all wheel drive options, at least not in the near future. 

Suzuki All-Grip 4WD System Explanation

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