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Suzuki iV-4 concept SUV unveiled at Frankfurt Motor Show 2013

Maruti’s mini SUV, the Alfa XA will be built on Suzuki iV-4 concept

Suzuki unveiled an out-of-the-age SUV iV-4 concept at the ongoing Frankfurt Motor Show 2013. The Suzuki iV-4 concept forms the base of the compact SUV, which Maruti Suzuki is planning to launch in India. Earlier Maruti Suzuki had showed a mini SUV concept named Alpha XA  with looks very similar to the iV-4 concept.

The usage of ‘i’ in the vehicle/concept name has become a common term by automobile manufacturers these days. Hyundai and BMW are the other two companies which uses ‘i’ in their vehicle naming trend. Eg: Hyundai i10, i20 etc and BMW i3 and i8. Here in Suzuki iV-4 concept, the ‘i’ stands for individuality, V stands for Vehicle and the 4 represents all wheel drive system. With Suzuki iV-4 concept, Suzuki launches an all new all wheel drive technology termed “Allgrip”. According to the company “Allgrip” will offer a combination of design and off-road performance that goes beyond a typical city SUV.

Though Suzuki iV-4 concept is an all wheel drive vehicle, Maruti’s mini SUV in India might not get the all wheel drive options, at least not in the near future. 

Suzuki All-Grip 4WD System Explanation

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