Honda unveils all new Fuel Cell Vehicle concept in Japan

        Honda has unveiled an all new Fuel Cell Vehicle concept in Japan which is expected to be launched in Japanese market by early 2016. Honda aims to sell the FCV concept in international markets as well, especially North America and Europe in future.

        Honda FCV concept is the second concept from Honda. The first being the FCX Clarity which was shown at Los Angeles Auto Show 2013.

        The FCV is powered by an electric motor which does 134 bhp, an increase in 60% compared to the FCX Clarity. The fuel stack size of FCV concept has also been reduced by 33%.

        According to Honda, FCV is the first vehicle to feature an entire fuel cell powertrain in its engine bay. Honda claims FCV can do 482 Km with full tank of fuel and refuelling time has been redued to just 3 to 5 minutes.

        Competing FCV concept will be Toyota’s fuel cell car Mirai, and Hyundai’s hydrogen powered ix35.

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