Next Generation Toyota Innova launch by 2014

     According to sources Toyota is planning to launch a latest version Innova in India by the year 2014. Toyota in its vehicle policy has a product life cycle concept which ranges between 8 to 10 years. Since Innova is 7 years old after its launch in 2005, it is nearing the end of its product life cycle and hence need a replacement to stay competitive in the market. 

This is just an illustrated picture and not the original Innova 2014 

     In an emerging market like India, new launches are happening in a short span of time and a product life cycle of 8 to 10 years will be too long. Toyota will keep this aspect in the mind and reduce its product life cycle to launch latest models to stay in the competition. Like the old Swift which was a good looking vehicle underwent phasing out and gave way for the latest model which looks even better. No wonder the Swift is currently ruling the Indian car market.

     Toyota is expected to increase the length of the next generation Innova to create more space for the third row passengers. The interior trim, quality and design will improve to offer more space for the occupants. A new powerful engine is also expected for the new model. However there is no news of a Hybrid option, but Toyota will sure keep an option of Hybrid for its new Innova in future.
Picture source: Wheelosphere

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  1. I'm not really a fan of station wagons but I wouldn't mind having this for a car.

  2. Toyota the motor giant has planed to launch a model of it India by 2014.According to the policy of Hyundai company it has the option that if the previous model gets some technical improvisation which are going to be added in the new model it would add it every model.They have chosen India because it is an emerging market.

  3. Is there any plan for an automatic transmission ?

  4. when can expect the new 2014 model innova new generation. price, features, launching date, etc,etc

  5. Toyota has postponed the launch of next generation Innova. It might be launched 2 years later.... may be in 2016

  6. Toyota innova is all model are best

  7. Hope, the "new" Innova, in addition to the current standard features, will be equipped with a 5-spd (or, better yet a CVT) tranny, more hp and torque on the diesel motor. Eagerly waiting for the next gen Innova!

  8. I must say that the Toyota Innova is really a next gen car which can really be a perfect choice for a guy who wishes to have a luxury modern car.

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  9. When stop Toyota innova car in Bangalore please tell me.

  10. Its great experience while I drive with this Innova car.

  11. Oh! Look at the picture! Although this is just an illustrated picture and not the original Innova 2014, I love it so much. I hope the original car like that.


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