Mercedes Benz slips to third place in Indian luxury car market

     Once the market leader Mercedes Benz has now slipped to the third place in Indian luxury car market. Not to forget, Mercedes Benz was the first luxury car company to venture into India when the market here was just in an infancy. With some innovative marketing plans and rock solid product, Mercedes managed to sell good number of cars and dominated the segment for a long time.

     With India's economy booming and more people started going form luxury cars, the other two German luxury car makers BMW and Audi sensed the booming market and entered in India, though slowly. With slew of new launches the late entrants managed to car a niche for themselves and got recognized as a premium car brands in the minds of Indians.

     Mercedes poor performance in recent times is lack of new models. The C,E and S class are the same models sold from past 15 years, though the design and styling have been changed. To be frank, we feel Mercedes cars looked better 10 years back as compared to the present ones. Mercedes SUVs M and G Class could not make an impact on India's because of there sheer price and being not so practical. Other the other hand BMW and Audi launched their new models both in sedan as well as SUV segments. The latest launches from BMW and Audi which are mini SUV have made Indians to stretch a bit to go for a premium luxury brand. With next generation of cars in the pipeline, namely the all new A and B class, Mercedes is seriously thinking of bounce back.

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