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Chevrolet Cruze Accessories - Convenience


Air Pump
Saves your precious time and from harrassement in case of low pressure or flat tyre. Very user friendly and easy to use.
Car Inverter
Stay connected while on drive. Charge your electronic gadgets e.g Laptops and Mobile phones anytime, anywhere.
GPS Navigation Device
Navigator's "map guidance and voice instructions" based on sophisticated Global Positioning System (GPS) technology, will guide you from the beginning of your journey, till you reach your destination.
In-Car Refrigerator
Chill out in hot summer. Enjoy icy cool drinks in your car, anytime.
Reading Lamp
High quality 6 LED lamp with flexible rod to allow uninterrupted reading pleasure at your rear seat.

These are the available accessories on Chevrolet Cruze. For price and more details visit your nearest Chevrolet dealer. 

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