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Fiat Panda, the best competitor for Wagon R in India

     Just few days ago, Fiat revealed the all new third generation Panda before its international debut at Frankfurt Motor Show starting this month. The next generation Panda looks brilliant with redesigned front fascia which is now more rounded. The new Panda all together looks prettier with its smooth contours.

     The Panda has been since 1980 and Fiat has till now sold over 6.5 lakh units of Panda worldwide. The basic architecture of the Panda – tall boy design remains which means ample headroom for passengers.

     With the new Panda being sold in European markets in couple of months, we though why should Fiat not think about launching the car in India, well of course to compete with 2nd largest selling car in Indian – Wagon R.

     Wagon R when launched was criticized for its boxy look but slowly people started liking it because of its practicality, low maintain ace and easy to drive in traffic. The biggest advantage of Wagon R was for tall drivers who were seeking a car to drive without their legs cramped. Elderly people too found it easy to get in and out. The Wagon R’s headroom is superb with tall passengers need not duct to sit. The main drawback of Wagon R is its shape which is boxy even after couple of facelifts.

     The Panda with its dimensions similar to Wagon R can be its serious challenger in India. We feel Fiat has one more opportunity bounce back in the Indian market with the launch of Panda. Since Fiat has its own mulitjet engine, a Panda with a 1.3L diesel engine will the perfect recipe. The Panda might not only beat Wagon R but also give a serious dent to the Ritz diesel as well.

     We await your valuable opinions…
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