Renault’s small car for India is not Modus

     In our earlier post we had showed you the spy picture of Renault Modus being tested in Chennai. Our friend Indianautosblog has confirmed that it is not the Modus which will be launched in India as a Renault’s small car.

     After the appearance of the spy pictures of Modus being tested on Indian roads, Indianautosblog did a background search of the vehicle which mismatched the Renault’s V platform hatchback. Hence they called up a Renault official who confirmed that Modus was testing in India as part of the “validation testing in eight countries for the next generation Modus.” So does Renault launch the next generation Modus in India at a later date? No idea.
Renault does validation tests in different countries for unknown parameters. Renault cars are tested in various conditions to check the cars response to intense dust, heat, moisture and other natural elements.

     So what could be Renault’s small car for India will be? As Renault has mentioned the small car will be built on it ‘V’ platform we guess it will be an all new product designed right from the scratch just for India. Manufacturers like Toyota and Honda are creating country specific products (Etios and Brio) and we guess even Renault might also have similar plans. Why not, after all Renault with its Clio has sold maximum number of small cars in Europe. Does it planning to do it in India? We feel Renault definitely has a chance, provided they work on the price strategies. 

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