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Honda announces new ‘EXCITING H DESIGN!!!’ concept for its future cars

Honda’s new ‘EXCITING H DESIGN!!!’ concept is the new face of Honda cars around the world.

Japanese auto major Honda has announced a new design concept ‘EXCITING H DESIGN!!!’ which will be incorporated in all its vehicles globally. Honda with this new design concept plans to promote a unique character and stronger presence around the world.

Honda's New design identity: "Solid Wing Face"
The three exclamatory marks in ‘EXCITING H DESIGN!!!’ represents three design factors – “High Tech” representing an innovative spirit, “High Tension” representing a beautiful body structure and layout and “High Touch” representing finely-honed surfacing and texture. The new design concept has been first applied in the all new Honda Fit which was launched in Japan yesterday.

Honda's New design concept: "EXCITING H DESIGN!!!"

Exterior design:

High Tech
Honda's new design identity, "Solid Wing Face," is adopted. While positioning the "H" mark in the center, the area from the front grill to the headlights will be designed in an advanced style as one uninterrupted flow.

High Tension
A well-toned body with beautiful proportion, "Athlete Form," is realized.

High Touch
Honda strives to realize "Dramatic Surfacing," well-elaborated form that provides an emotional attraction.

Interior design:

High Tech
Honda pursues an easy-to-see/easy-to-use "Advanced Interface" by adopting advanced technologies.

High Tension
A sporty and emotional "Personal Cockpit" is realized.

High Touch
Honda expresses its "Craftsmanship" by creating thoughtful interiors with an emphasis on the texture of materials.

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