Next Generation Nissan X-Trail unveiled at Frankfurt Motor Show

The all new Nissan X-Trail will have seven seat arrangement and stands at the top of Nissan’s vehicle portfolio.

Nissan unveiled the fourth generation Nissan X-Trail at the ongoing Frankfurt Motor Show 2013. Nissan in 2012 at Geneva Motor Show had showed the stylish Hi-Cross concept, on which the all new Nissan X-Trail is built. With next generation Nissan Qashqai expected to come next year, which will be offered in only 5 seat arrangements, the X-Trail becomes the sole SUV in the Nissan’s portfolio.
According to Nissan, the new X-Trail has better ride and handling than the outgoing model. The improved styling and dynamics has not affected the off-road capability of the car. The new Nissan X-Trail is as capable as the old modle when equipped with optional four-wheel drive system.

Under the hood of the new Nissan X-Trail will be the updated version of current X-Trail’s 2.0 L diesel engine, optionally coupled with the newly developed Xtronic CVT gearbox. The interiors have also been improved in terms of design and quality.

The major factor in the all new Nissan X-Trail is its design. The new Nissan X-Trail sheds it boxy look and is now rounder and muscular. The new grill with nicely designed big front bumper adds muscularity to the vehicle. The bonnet scoops and lines running on the body makes the SUV look more like a car than an off-road vehicle. The rear of the car has also been designed with neatly integrated wraparound tail lamps.

At the Frankfurt Auto Show 2013 Renault-Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn said "This fourth generation model builds on the X-Trail's earned reputation for value, innovation, style and reliability. This also replaces the US market Rogue to become a sole global car for us; it will be built in five plants worldwide and sold in more than 100 markets. It's another segment busting model for us like the Juke and Qashqai. The X-Trail introduces a new platform (Common Module Family) that will be rolled out over next five years on everything from a small Indian market car to a large premium offering. (The Module) maximises volume and cost efficiency and allows us to pass on savings, the economy is up to 20 percent better model for model.”

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