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Mercedes Maybach S Class makes its official debut at Los Angeles

        Daimler AG unveiled the Mercedes Maybach S Class luxury sedan at the Los Angeles Motor Show 2014. The Maybach nameplate had gone into woods from some time and the company is making its come back in the form of S Class.

        Mercedes Maybach S Class is 200m longer than the regular Merc S class and now stands 5453 mm long. Because of this there is added wheelbase which now measure 3365 mm.

        There are minimal changes in the exterior except for the “Maybach” badging and lettering and shorter rear doors to accommodate the rear quarter glass which is embedded in the C pillar.

        Most of the changes have occurred in the inside of the car. The rear passengers get to enjoy the additional legroom and the backrests now can be adjusted separately. The cushion can also be adjusted individually (inclination and horizontal).

        The Mercedes Maybach S Class will get the tag of “quietest car in the world” thanks to special seals optimizing the noise insulation along with the installation of additional sound deadening material.

        Scheduled to go on sale in February 2015, first the Maybach S Class will be offered in S600 variant with a twin turbo V12 6 liter engine with 530 Hp of power and 830 Nm of torque followed by less powerful S500 and S400 4MATIC variants.

Mercedes Maybach S Class video

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